Parasite Control Is Your Excellent Termite Service

Economic Insect Control is a reputable area with family members company that offers bug control services in the Adelaide locations. Because we have provided outstanding solutions and grown into the firm, we are today.

We have grown in appeal because of extraordinary service and affordable rates. Professional technicians use only the finest products to ensure they finish the job right the first time.

As the experts in termite defense and therapy, we always have your best interests in mind. We’re always seeking advanced approaches to taking care of bugs effectively.

Termites are one of the most significant problems homeowners faces. In this write-up, we will certainly examine the termite interception baiting system, among the best termite treatment Adelaide control choices available. Please continue reading to see how it functions and know your termite obstacles currently have a solution!


Termites are sly little animals that nest underground and increase before they prepare themselves to attack your house. They are frequently hard to identify until the trouble leaves the hand and the damages have already been done.

Termites love to feed on timber, and without treatment, they will attack your floorboards, joists as well as the wooden beams that support your residence. This kind of activity can cause serious structural damage that can cost hundreds of bucks to deal with

The only way to do away with termites is to eradicate the swarm. That’s why our experts utilize the  Termite Interception and Baiting System. It’s a vibrant system that is secure for you and your pet dogs.


Experts will examine your residential or commercial property and identify the problem areas. The next step is to lay stations around your residence and residential or commercial property.

The Emphasis Termite Attractant is after that contributed to each station. This reacts with soil and blurts a low degree of carbon dioxide. The termites follow this right into the station.

REQUIEM is the bait that is used in the catch. The termites consume the lure and take the “food” back to their colony, removing it.

The termites can’t get sufficient of this delicious but harmful reward and eat it until they ultimately die. The key to making the system work is the baiting system of the trademarked emphasis Termite Attractant.

This system works so well because it’s the only one that intercepts the termites and develops an interception area around your building. It can also keep the termites away for years. Think about it as your bug control safety system that maintains termites out!


The traps are set up around your home in the ground where the termites are. If we experience a termite infestation under concrete, a special in-concrete station can be installed. If the little parasites have already made it right into your house, then overground terminals can be utilized.


Baiting stations should be examined regularly to ensure they are still efficient. Our specialists can evaluate the station without disturbing any termites that might have entered it. This results from the copyrighted open cavity style.

If you have a termite or other pesky parasite issue, then call the very best pest control Adelaide has to offer. Let our experts look after the critters. Providers are assured to assure that your problem is gone for excellent.