The walls of your home can transform the ambience of a space with the aid of paint or wallpaper. A room can be made to feel soft and airy with the application of pastel colours. A spacious room can instantly feel cosier with darker colours. Choosing whether to use paint or wallpaper demands consideration of, for example, application, cost, durability, and versatility. 


How long it takes to prepare a wall for either paint or wallpaper should be taken into account. Removing existing wallpaper is a task requiring patience and the right tools. Care must be taken when stripping wallpaper or damage to the wall can result. If, however, you buy your nursery wallpaper from Wallpaper Store, they will advise you with specific instructions on how best to tackle this job. If you decide to paint over a damaged wall, you will need to prepare the wall even more thoroughly and allow for drying. Applying primer before painting will make your preparation easier, however. Usually, painting requires less preparation time than wallpaper hanging, but this isn’t always the case.

Choice and durability…….

Both paint and wallpaper are available in great variety in terms of colour, finish, and durability. The lifestyle of your family can help you to make the best selection. Wallpaper is highly durable and many varieties can be scrubbed clean. However, as wallpaper is applied with an adhesive, it may eventually peel away from the wall in high-moisture areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Paint is a good option for areas that don’t need an expensive and fancy application. However, when walls get damaged, paint can chip easily and it may be necessary to repair or even repaint.


Both wallpaper and paint can range dramatically in price. Wallpaper is generally more expensive to buy, and to have it hung. Paint is cheaper and a handyman can apply it. It should be noted that this is not uniformly the case, as there are cheaper wallpapers and expensive specialist paints. You can also hang wallpaper yourself with care and employ specialists to do your painting.

A combination of both paint and wallpaper……

Some people like to have the versatility of combining texture on their walls with custom paint colours. Paintable wallpaper is available in either rolls or adhesive squares. 

So, textured wallpaper can be hung, then either left bare or painted. You could call that particular option the best of both worlds.