Paint by numbers – upgrade your creativity to the next level

One of the ways how to boost your creativity and let your artistic skills improve is definitely paint by numbers. But what it actually is? It’s basically the same as coloring books. But in this concept, you don’t use colored pencils to create the final picture. You need acrylic paints and brushes. So coloring is more or less like an older sister of the painting by numbers. It’s easier, that’s why you find so many coloring pages for children. Another difference is that with coloring the areas are usually not numbered and you are left upon your own fantasy. On the contrary, the painting process is strictly defined by numbered areas on canvas and numbers on pots with paints.

How to begin painting by numbers

Ready to start your first project?

The first thing is to get a proper paint by numbers kit from a reliable supplier. You’ll surely find plenty of them, but check the best one so that the quality of your product is ensured.

When you found a design that you fell in love with, you’re about to begin.

After getting your painter’s kit delivered, check it for completeness. You can’t complain later when the time for a dispute is over. Usually, you should be getting the canvas, of course, then the paints. Both of these items are a heart of paint by numbers so without them, you couldn’t even start.

When you unroll the canvas, you should see the complete draft of the painting shown with tiny lines and marked with plenty of little numbers. This is now your task to paint one by one with appropriate colors.

Tips & Tricks for the painting

When you work on your first project ever, your progress will not be so fast and you will face many troubles along the way. Maybe you find it helpful to get a couple of tips that could help you manage the difficulties better:

  • Properly flatten your canvas before you start. You may find it later difficult to paint when the canvas would be wrinkled or wavy.
  • Sometimes you find numbers smaller than you can recognize. Depending on the sharpness of your sight, it’s really needed to print the numbers very small so that as many details as possible are packed inside. A table magnifier comes here in handy. The best is of course when it’s lit by LED.
  • Start painting large parts and then move to details. That’s the most common tip everybody would give you.
  • Keep the reference picture always with you, never throw it away. It’s always great to see the result so that you can compare your progress with it.
  • This one should be probably given somewhere in the beginning, but when you’re ordering your first canvas, choose a smaller size rather than a larger one. It’s better to finish your first artwork in a timely manner. Large canvas could keep you occupied for plenty of time and it could make you put the project aside and never finish it.
how to paint by numbers

Final words

Painting by numbers is a beautiful hobby and it will definitely give you plenty of great moments. You will become a more experienced painter and your home will look great when you exhibit your artworks there. You might even use the finished canvas as a gift to your friends. They’ll love it, for sure.