Pacman 30th anniversary: google appreciation and fun facts

Pacman 30th anniversary was one of the most remarkable moments in the history of Pacman because it added more value to the game. It rarely happens when google changes its logo for something special such as the new year, independence day, or any other special religious event because not every event can be covered by google but only the most special ones.

This means that when Google paid tribute to Pacman on its 30th anniversary, it was one of the most influential and widely comprehensive famous games; otherwise, it wouldn’t receive so much attention. Pac man fans were able to click on Google’s playable logo, changed for Pac man, to play the game, not to mention that it had the option of two players playing simultaneously.

In this blog, you will explore some amazing facts about the game so make sure you read till the end and don’t miss exciting information about the game.

How Pac man works: Pacman 30th anniversary

Many changes and updates occurred before Pacman 30th anniversary. In this super fantastic arcade game, released in Japan first and then in the United States, players need to move in different directions to consume all 240 dots without getting noticed by the other four ghosts.

These four ghosts are named Rinky, Blinky, Inky, and Clyde; I didn’t know this before, did you? I was also amazed when I found that each of these ghosts employs different strategies to kill you; this means you never know who is going to kill you and how. This adds more spice to the game.

If a player successfully consumes all the dots without ghosts noticing him, he will be the game’s winner, and the game will start again.

Amazing facts about Pac Man 

Pacman 30th anniversary was not only memorable because of the appreciation that this game received from google but also because something unexpected happened that none of us knew before. The first fantastic fact is that most of the readers of this post are 30 years old (according to authentic sources) , same as the game.

Another fact is that during the game’s development, they named it Puck man and didn’t know that this name would be changed, and people across the globe would call it Pac man.

The last fantastic fact is that most people believe it was America who designed Pac, man. On the contrary, the developer of this game was Japanese; moreover, the actual name of its developer was Toshio Iwatani, whereas people recognized him by the name Tory Iwatani.

Final words

Pac man was initially released in japan in 1980 and was named Puck man, and within a few months, they realized the potential of the game and decided to release it in America in the same year; however, due to some legal issues, its developers had to change its name to Pac man.

The game received unexpected love and appreciation in the coming few years and sold around 100,000 units, the highest number achieved by an arcade game at that time. The prime idea behind the game was to develop a game that is calm, peaceful and free from violence at the same time so that people of all age groups could play it.