Packing for a Move: 5 Simple Tips

Packing for a move is an emotionally taxing process. The more belongings you have and the less space you have, the harder it gets. Trying to fit everything into a smaller space and get the most out of it is the core of the problem.

Unfortunately, packing light is crucial to making the process easier. You want to know how to pack light your belongings to make things easier when moving. You want to know how to make sure nothing is lost or damaged in the process.

How do you pack for a move? Here are 5 simple packing-for-a-move tips for a problem-free move.

1. Create a Packing Schedule and Stick to It

To kickstart packing for a move, first, make a list of all the items that need to be packed and assign a date to begin packing each item. Once you have established a timeline, stick to it.

Start packing no later than the date you have set. It is helpful to take breaks, so be sure to schedule those as well. To stay organized, it can be helpful to pack room by room or by type of items such as kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. 

2. Invest in Quality Moving Boxes and Supplies

Quality moving supplies are often overlooked by those who are in a rush to relocate, but this is a mistake that can lead to costly and damaging problems down the line. Quality boxes will provide additional strength and safety to ensure that boxes do not tear, which can cause items inside to break.

Quality tape is also necessary to ensure that the boxes remain closed and secure so that items do not come falling out along the way. Wrapping materials should also be purchased to ensure that items are kept safe from scratching or breaking in the move. 

3. Protect Fragile Items With Packing Materials

Protect fragile items with appropriate packing materials. Make sure you have bubble wrap, newsprint, and soft cloth handy. Upholstered furniture, lamps, and mirrors should be wrapped with a combination of newsprint and soft cloths.

Disassemble large pieces of furniture to make them easier to transport.  Breakable items like glasses and plates should be wrapped in paper and placed in the safest spots inside the box.

4. Label Boxes for Easy Unpacking

Labeling your boxes will not only save you time when you’re unpacking, but it will also help you keep track of what has been packed and make sure no items are accidentally left behind. When labeling, make sure to include both the room and the contents in the label so you can easily determine where the box will be placed upon arrival. 

5. Hire a Reliable Moving Company

Hiring a reliable moving company is one of the most important moving tips you need to remember. Not only will a reliable moving company guarantee your belongings get to their destination safely, but you’ll have peace of mind knowing that all of your belongings are being cared for by professionals. Search for reviews, ask for references, and make sure they are insured and licensed.

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Simple Tips to Make Packing for a Move Go Smoothly

Packing for a move can be a complicated and time-consuming process. Following these 5 tips is a surefire way to make it as seamless as possible. Start early, make a plan, label everything, to hiring movers, and invest in quality packing supplies. Save yourself the stress of moving day and begin the process today!

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