Overcoming the Fear of Math: A Guide to 11+ Exam 2021

The 11+ or the grammar school exam is just around the corner and now is the time for these young pupils to start preparing.

Have you noticed that your child is not doing so well in their math studies? Children may be exemplary at the English and Verbal Reasoning but when it comes to Math and Non-Verbal Reasoning they tend to have a difficult time. A crucial thing to keep in mind is that 30-40% of the questions asked in grammar school tests are related to the field of mathematics.

Worry no more about how to address these concerns! The following serves as a guide to overcoming the fear of math:

  • Acknowledge the anxiety

Self-awareness is key to overcoming one’s weaknesses. Both you and your child must be aware that math is not their strong suit—this is the first step to finding a solution for the problem at hand. The next step to take from here is to track which particular areas they would falter.

Monitoring your child’s performance is made easy with KidSmart’s Topic Wise Progress feature. With the availability of 11 plus worksheets using the digital application, you can personally check the performance status on each subject by topics and subtopics. You can also curate a learning plan according to the distinct needs of your child.

It is important to notice and acknowledge the emotions your child has towards the subject. Children can also feel stress, and simply thinking of math may trigger them to get anxious. It is easy to be afraid of something we do not understand. Help your child face their fears by emotionally supporting them and ensuring that they are not going through this endeavour on their own.

  • Have a hands-on tutor

As much as it is encouraged that parents themselves should study with their child, it is also admirable to know when you need extra assistance. Math takes a certain skill and teachers have different techniques on how to cultivate them. You get your money’s worth when you hire a professional tutor because they can curate the lesson plan and customise it uniquely.

You can do a quick search on the internet: 11 plus tutor near me. Although it would be more advisable to secure online sessions. Luckily, KidSmart offers 24/7 online tutor support, at the rate of £35 per hour.

In some cases, children only have careless mistakes in the solution, which in turn affects the final answer. Other instances may include pupils struggling to process the solution slower than others. Tutors can directly assist with such concerns and focus on providing the needed exercise drills. It is also preferable to incorporate timed practise in order to avoid the habit of spending too much time on a single question.

  • Practice does not make perfect

Be patient with the process. Your child will sense your own frustrations and it is best to remember that perfection is not the goal—personal progress is. Children require the assurance that being better than their past self is enough. Reminding them of their personal progress may just be the push they need to practice their math skills.

The learning technique called Active Recall shows evidence that more difficult questions are to be reviewed more frequently than less difficult ones. This is often associated and paired with another study strategy called Spaced Repetition wherein the brain learns more efficiently when taken advantage of the psychological phenomenon of this spacing effect. KidSmart can assist with these techniques by monitoring daily activity in order for your child to build a routine of repeating the exercises challenging them.

KidSmart has 11 plus maths questions available for daily drills. There is also a Strength Review service that determines strengths and weaknesses, as well as an assessment of various factors such as speed, accuracy, concentration, and more. Setting a goal on the app can help motivate your child and provide an overview of their academic profile.