Our Favourite Free Online Motorcycle Games

When you look for driving games on the internet, most of them deal with vehicles of the 4-wheeled variety. 

If you’re looking for web games that either exclusively or in large part feature motorcycles, then you might be having some trouble. 

How many motorcycle games are there really? Well, there are quite a few, and on this list, there are several suggestions of motorcycle games you could be enjoying. 

If you’re ready to pop some wheelies and kick up some dirt, let’s get started with these awesome motorcycle games

2D Motorcycle Games

These games have simpler presentations as they lack a dimension most other modern games have, but that doesn’t make them any less fun. Games like Super Mario Wheelie is a prime example of this. Super Mario Wheelie is a classic Mario-style game where you guide Mario through levels, but this time it’s on the back of a motorcycle. Do tricks and collect coins to raise your score in this addicting game. 

Moto X3M is another 2D motorcycle game. This one is a sidescrolling game where you are racing against the clock across a ton of stages. Go fast, get some air, and do tricks as you try to finish each stage with the best time. Bike Trial Xtreme Forest is technically another 2D game because it’s a sidescroller, but it has 3D models in it. 

This game has you driving a motorcycle through stages with all different kinds of hills and ramps, adjusting your weight to perform flips, and landing with your wheels parallel to the ground.

3D Motorcycle Games

These are the modern, fully 3D motorcycle games that most people are looking for. Crash Simulator Royale, while not exclusively featuring motorcycles, does have them as an option across the game’s many vehicles. 

Compete and experience excellent crash physics in hopes to become the last vehicle standing. Moto Rider 3D is another fully 3D motorcycle game. 

This one is set in a large open world, in which you can ride many different motorcycles and traverse all kinds of terrain, popping wheelies and doing other tricks.

First-Person Motorcycle Games

These next games put you inside the helmet of a motorcycle driver to experience all of the danger and thrills. 

Moto Road Rash 3D is a first-person motorcycle game with excellent graphics that has you weaving in and out of traffic until you reach the endpoint of the stage. Near-misses are the name of the game here, and the danger is part of the fun. Highway Speed Moto Bike Drivers is another first-person motorcycle game. 

This game reaches incredible speeds and has you avoiding traffic while preventing yourself from crashing and suffering a horrible fate. At the top speed in this game, other vehicles become a blur, which is a thrill that is only acceptable in such a format as an online web game.
If you’ve enjoyed these motorcyle games, and you’re now interested in some four-wheeled action, make sure you also check out our favorite car games.