• Established In:

Orto Parisi is a fragrance brand created by Italian perfumer Alessandro Gualtieri. It was launched in 2014 and its new edition was launched last year in 2021. The brand name is comprised of two words ‘orto’ which means ‘garden’ and Parisi which was the name of Alessandro’s grandfather. The brand name is inspired by a garden in Puglia, where Alessandro used to spend his summers with his grandfather.

  • Our Goal is:

The name of the brand Orto Parisi states that our body is like a garden and the smell of our body is the true mirror of our souls. The creator thinks that the human body is a garden, like a garden that is full of the scents of nature. The scent of plants, flowers, the scent of mud can be felt in a garden.

  • Megamare Perfume:

Orto Parisi Megamare is one of the perfumes produced by Orto Parisi. It was released in 2019. Megamare is available for both men and women. It has an aquatic-spicy scent. Megamare has a long-lasting scent that attracts people from a distance. The quality of this scent is that it can be felt from a significant distance which makes it unique from the rest of the perfumes.

  • Other Perfumes Of The Brand:

Including Megamare, Orto Parisi has produced a total of 9 perfumes for the fragrance market. The list of these perfumes is given below.

  • Cuoium: It is a powerful fragrance that is created by the combination of leather character with the sweetness of violet. It is the only fragrance produced by Orto Parisi that has a reusable and removable leather cover. It is available in
  • Bergamask: It is an ever-lasting perfume that hangs on the skin and changes with the passage of time. It is like a killing agent for your victim. This perfume is available to the families of orange blossoms, Cedar, Lavender, and bergamot.
  • Brutus: This perfume is inspired by the character called Brutus. He was a strong man challenged by destiny. We all have experienced crucial times in our lives like Brutus. It is a fragrance made of geranium, rose, and labdanum. This perfume is available in rose, geranium, and labdanum families.
  • Stercus: This perfume is inspired by the duality of life, the softness which seduces, and the animal nature that strikes. It is available in Almond, Cedar, Musk, Leather, and Heliotropine fragrance families.
  • Boccanera: This perfume of Orto Parisi is covered in dark chocolate. It scents like the taste of spicy chili, with black pepper and ginger on the lips. It is difficult to say whether it is a fragrance or a flavor. This perfume is available in the families of animalic, cedar, chocolate, sugar, vanilla, and cocoa.
  • Viride: It is a green and powerful fragrance produced by Orto Parisi. It is inspired by the first Yemeni men, who wear a wreath of aromatic flowers. This fragrance is available in cedar, fire tree, musk, and Artemisia.
  • Seminalis: This fragrance is introduced in the honor of life. This fragrance is available in the families of vanilla, sandalwood, raspberry, and patchouli
  • Terroni: This fragrance is inspired by the earth and its roots. It is available in the fragrance families of benzoin, birch, gayac wood, raspberry, and vanilla.