Every owner wants to give his dog the best of everything. This applies not only to household items such as food but also to accessories. They can be used to identify your pet, which can help in certain circumstances in life. Ordering a personalized leather dog collar will not be superfluous, because such a thing will be around for many years, thanks to its high quality and thoughtful chips. All the details are well thought out and the design is concise and stylish. 

Other customers’ experiences have already proven that the accessories are worth the effort. They are made of quality materials that are well-worn and hardly felt by the dog. If properly sized, have peace of mind that your pet will be satisfied and identified. Consider not only the size but also the weight of the dog, as collars are not recommended for pets who weigh more than 44 kg.

How to order a personalized collar?

In today’s world, it’s easy to order goods. You can design an accessory for your pet that will identify it and distinguish it from other similar dogs. In order to get a stylish collar, the user needs to do the simple steps:

  • Select the color presented in the palette.

Conveniently, each color has a picture of how it will look on the collar. Consider your pet’s lifestyle and how active they are when choosing the perfect color for them. Light colors may not be as practical as dark colors for mega-active dogs.

  • Choose a size (XS to 2XL).

If you have trouble navigating the sizes, go to the size chart, where everything is more detailed.

  • Choose whether you want personalization or not.

This service will cost an additional token amount. But the collar will have a name and important information about your pet. If he or she gets lost, you can be notified if you add your phone number to the collar.

Once you have decided on all the external characteristics, start filling out personal information. Check if the delivery method suits you. Before confirming your order, make sure that all personal information is spelled correctly and that there are no mistakes, as this is very important. Make the payment in a convenient way. Then all you have to do is wait for the package to arrive at the location you specify. Approximate terms are always specified during the order process.


Leather neckwear for the dog is not just about style and trends. Despite the fact that it looks spectacular, it serves all the functions of quality. Moreover, these accessories are tested by more than one pet, and the owners left positive feedback on the quality and practicality. The price remains affordable, while the collar is made of natural smooth leather, which does not cause irritation and discomfort.

The advantage is that everyone can choose the option that suits their taste. The color palette is wide, so no one will be left without the most suitable model. Pay attention to the character of your dog when choosing a design, because collars can complement the style and character of the pet, adding to its entourage.