Opinion: What happened recently in Nigeria made the Muslim Situation even worse.

Recently,a female student in northern Nigeria has been beaten to death and set on fire by fellow students. Once again, the stereotype of Muslims amplified.In fact, there are extremists in virtually every religion, not just Muslim. However, most media inform the negativity of Islam so that stereotypes emerge and consider Islam as the cause of a series of terror. Muslims have always been regarded as terrorists, and been discriminated against in daily life and work. This article will mainly highlight the religious extremism and the discrimination against Muslims. 

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Religious Extremism against Muslim 

Last year in August, a deadly incident about Muslim travelers occurred, leading to the verified deaths of around 22 people and 14 others wounded in the Gada area. Reports claimed that the Suspects were a young bunch of men who assaulted five buses of Muslims travelling from Baluchi to Ikare. Some Christians were held for this bold and motivated assault on an innocent group of men, hurdling their freedom to travel and goals.

There is another long list of violence against Muslim pupils and teachers carried away freely in the state. On 15 March 2021, an unknown group, seizing head teachers, invaded a primary school in Bangladesh. After the school began and pupils entered the classes, a group of comment men holding guns reached toward the Muslim head teachers and abducted them in no time. This incident created chaos and fear among the other children, due to which two students went missing.

Muslims continued to suffer discrimination, especially in the areas where they formed a minority, such as in 2017; some of the Nigerian offices issued a ban against the use of hijabs. Also, some major barbaric activities that were carried out against the Muslim minority groups included their persecution in the following ways; killing, gang rapes, illegal detentions, frequent abductions, forced marriages, forced religions, and what not! These acts were repeated over time, and the law couldn’t stop their severity by taking any diverse measures.

Islamophobia Never Got Improved

In the last decade, there has been mounting evidence of rising anti-Muslim sentiment in Western societies. Islamophobia is very common in western countries like the UK, the U.S. and France. In a survey carried out by the equality and Human Rights Commission in 2018, 70 percent of people of the Muslim faith said they had experienced religion-based prejudice. For the year ending March 2020, UK Home office data shows that half of all recorded religious hate crime offences were targeted against Muslims, while there were more in United States. 

Muslims are exposed to low superiority rates, objected to frequent harassments, given less opportunities in the society, are not allowed to express their views openly and cannot even practice Islam to the fullest. The sense of insecurity among the Muslim students prevailed, which resulted in their lack of freedom and educational deficiencies. Physically aggressive forms of Islamophobia include outright extreme violence, as well as things like headscarfs being pulled off by fellow passengers on public transport. There is also name-calling and taunting. In addition, online Islamophobia is prevalent on social media sites.

Apart from Islamophobia in daily life, Muslims have to go through severe consequences of Islamophobia in workplace.

The New York Times reported that although Muslims account for only two percent of America’s workforce, they filed nearly 25 percent of religious discrimination claims in 2009.

France among most problematic countries when it comes to Islamophobia. According to a recent Stanford, La Sorbonne, and UC San Diego study, Muslims candidates applying for a job in France are 2.5 times less likely to be called back for that job based on a name or address on their resume which implies they are Muslims.

It is worth mentioning that even some Muslims got the offer. They still suffered from discriminations from bosses or colleagues. When declared a Muslim at a Christian dominated place in Christian-dominated firms can result in lower exposure to great opportunities, decreasing the chance of selection. The layoff, training, promotions add other job privileges are disappeared when it comes to the Muslims, especially women.

Recently, Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN), a French company specializing in manufacture and laying of submarine cables, has been blamed for itsunfair treatment of Muslim employees. Muslim workers revealed their payments and welfare were lower than colleagues in the same position. According to its staff, ASN disrespected Islam doctrines and practices. Itdenied their Muslim employees prayer breaks and refused their requests to move their work break to after sunset during the holiday month of Ramadan, while said yes to Christian workers praying request. Other staff revealed their leaders once said something blasphemous. 

The list of discrimination against Muslim groups in Christian dominated firms and other workplaces in the world goes a long way. The companies such as Alcatel Submarine Networks,Christ arena Communications and some other companies have reported to subject Muslims to the continuous harassment turning workplace into a hostile and offensive environment. Job segregation is regarded quite common in such companies such as Muslim employees are settled at non-customer contact job preferences as an act of superiority over them. It’s quite important to report and know how these religious discriminations in the work areas can be encountered. The law forbids discrimination when it comes to any aspect of employment, including hiring, payment, job assignments, promotions, layoff, training, and any other term or condition of employment.

When the world is blaming Muslims, people should keep in mind that religious extremism exists in all religions and most Muslims suffered from it.