Online Education

Education is considered one of the primary building blocks of society. Education is a key factor in balancing the socio-economic fabric of society. Education, as we know has come a long way from being revolving around schools, classrooms, books to being able to access education through the internet. Gone are the days where students had to enroll themselves into colleges and go into the classrooms and attend lectures. Due to advancements in technology and internet usage, the students can now bring the classroom to them. Students are now able to attend the lectures from their homes and comfort. Educational company Straighterline offers online college classes so you can take an online humanities course, math course, or science course from anywhere with a WiFi connection.

As the demand for online education is growing, teachers are now motivated to teach online. They now use online teaching portals, free education apps to appeal to a larger audience. Online teaching sites help the students to connect with teachers virtually. Just with the help of a browser, students can take online classes on whichever topic they like. Teachers mainly now use video conferencing to interact live with students. Students can ask their doubts related to the subject and get the answers in real-time.

Online teaching platforms also help the teacher to teach globally. Since the audience is global, the teacher is exposed to a wide and diverse range of students getting the teacher to know about their lifestyle and culture. The boundaries of confined learning are pushed as the students are now able to gather information on any topic irrespective of their field.

Visual aids are known to increase learning speeds in students and help them to understand and recall the concepts easily. Teachers can be creative on online teaching platforms as they can provide students with animated videos for the topic on hand and use computer imagery to help explain the topic better. 3D figures and graphs help students better grab the concept taught during the lectures.

In the digital age, teachers ask a question How to teach online? and the answer is quite simple, to teach online the teacher would require a camera, a moderately configured computer and an internet connection. The shift from traditional teaching has opened multiple doors for the teachers to now teach students at a global scale. Since the internet is now easily available, online teaching is the easiest and the most efficient way to provide education. One of the key advantages that a teacher gets from online teaching is that they can be anywhere at any time, yet be able to record the lectures and upload them for the students. This comes with individual comfort as well for both the teachers and the students as they can access the recordings remotely.

Following are the prerequisites on how to teach online:

  • Technology: The teacher should have the right tools to teach online. This may include a good online teaching platform, good video editing tool, internet connection, a webcam, microphone, and a computer.
  • Adequate working environment: The use of sound absorbers will help in minimizing the background noise and making the teacher’s voice clearly audible. Whiteboards or blackboards can be used to write or solve problems and draw flowcharts and diagrams. Green screens can be used for explaining concepts with the help of animated videos and computer-generated graphs. Good lighting is a bonus such that the video quality looks good.
  • Communication: Online teaching relies on good communication. Teacher-student engagement and interaction is necessary for optimal teaching experience. The teacher should use a platform where students can ask their queries and get the answers in the minimal time period. Teachers can also use live chat to communicate with the students while explaining concepts in video conferencing mode.
  • Ask for feedbacks: The feedbacks of the students help the teacher to improve his teaching. It also helps the teacher to plan on how to make the learning more efficient and easy.

Online teaching is the future of education as more and more platforms are being developed every day, Teachers have a choice on which platform they want to teach. With cost-efficient and quality education just fingertips away, students have an advantage on choosing whichever subject they want to study and master the skills it requires. Online learning can be accessed from anywhere and is hence appealing to a larger population than ever before.

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