One thing is certain – the online gaming industry has raised steadily over the past few years and the number of players around the world continues to grow. The advancing digitization makes playing on the Internet, like on BitBetWin, a fantastic pleasure, and last but not least, the corona pandemic has also contributed to the fact that online casinos are becoming more and more popular.

The term crypto casino is becoming more and more common, and perhaps many players don’t know what to do with it yet. What this is all about and how these casinos differ from other providers, we would like to explain to you here.

Online Casino VS Crypto Casino 

Let’s take a closer look at the most important differences between normal online casinos and the new crypto casinos. What does the offer look like, why are crypto casinos so safe and what advantages do they offer?

Anyone who plays in the online casino will have found out beforehand which payment methods are available. Usually these are credit and debit cards, wire transfers, and a variety of e-wallets.

Money transfers and stakes

For some time now, cryptocurrencies have found their way into the online gambling world. Many may still shy away from making friends with it, but they actually have some advantages to offer. We now explain how deposits and withdrawals work quickly and easily in a so-called crypto casino. In principle, paying with virtual currencies is the same as with “real” money and like an e-wallet.

The only big difference between these two types of online casinos is the currency they use to make transactions. Normal casinos use Euros, US Dollars, British Pounds etc. – Bitcoin and other virtual currencies are just one more option. More and more new providers are adding this payment method to their list, and some have already switched completely. It is to be expected that more and more new online game libraries will open as Crypto Casino in the future.

Security and fairness 

It is said that crypto casinos are generally safer than many regular casinos. The transactions are encrypted as securely as possible. Cryptocurrencies are actually more secure than bank accounts, credit and debit cards. It is almost impossible even for savvy hackers to sneak into crypto casinos.

Proven fairness of the games should make gaming at crypto casinos even safer than before. All slots work with an algorithm that makes the winnings appear random. Large software manufacturers have an auditing company certify that their games are fair.

Crypto casinos are now introducing an innovative algorithm that is demonstrably fair. A RNG (Random Number Generator) system is included in the entire software, which makes human manipulation impossible. Each game result is generated automatically and randomly, so that both sides – the casino and the player – have the same chance of winning.

Whether crypto casino or normal online casino – make sure of the validity of the licenses in any case, so that you are sure to choose a reputable provider. Many crypto casinos are based abroad and hold licenses from Malta or Curacao. In the meantime, however, there are also providers with a license that comply with the regulations of the United States’ Treaty on Gaming.

Payout rate

Crypto casinos often have a smaller house edge of 0.5 to 2%, which means that 98 to 99.5% of all stakes are paid out to customers as winnings. At regular online casinos, this proportion is usually slightly higher, depending on the provider and the game chosen, between 3 and 15%. This means that winnings at crypto casinos often appear more frequently or can be higher.

Is there a welcome bonus at crypto casinos?

Anyone looking for an online casino will of course also pay attention to the bonus offer for new customers. Of course, you will also receive a bonus in most crypto casinos – just in crypto currency.

With some providers, new customers can even grab a no deposit bonus. This can be a series of free spins or a small amount of crypto. This second type of bonus is an excellent opportunity to collect cryptocurrencies – that way, there is no need to purchase them elsewhere.

One of the advantages of transfers with cryptocurrencies is that you no longer need a credit card or bank to transfer money, everything is decentralized and anonymous via data. In addition, the transaction is done much faster and with significantly lower fees. Of course, you also place your bets in crypto casinos with virtual currencies.


If we look at the differences between the two types of online casinos, we come to the following result: Paying with crypto currencies can hardly be surpassed in terms of security and anonymity. Otherwise, payments are just as easy as with previous payment methods. Crypto games work with a random generator, which is supposed to make gaming even fairer, and often offer a higher RTP.

However, that does not mean that conventional online casinos are less good because of it. What you choose is up to you. For beginners, it is a good option to try out the cryptocurrencies at an online casino that accepts both virtual and real currencies.