Official London Theatre - West End classics that have stood the test of time

At the Official London Theatre, we can’t get enough of timeless classics. New and exciting shows come around that we get excited about, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a longing for a tried and tested spectacle.

We want to introduce you to five of our favourite shows that it’s impossible to get bored of. Let’s take a closer look at some we hope you’ll love too.

The Mousetrap

As the title name suggests, this one’s a classic cat-and-mouse game. 

Agatha Christie is an icon of British detective writing stories and it’s obvious to see why as you leave St. Martin’s Theatre having watched The Mousetrap.

Delightfully put together and executed to perfection, this rousing performance details a murder mystery for the ages. Accusations fly around and nobody seems to be any the wiser as a murderer remains loose.

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The Phantom of the Opera

Is there a show as synonymous with passion and despair on stage as the Phantom of the Opera? We’re not sure there is.

Beneath the stages of a Parisian opera house, a social outcast falls for a stage beauty as he coaches her for the role of a lifetime. Heartbreak and revenge ensue as the Phantom is left alone with his pain.

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s masterpiece may continue to show in the West End for an age to come and it wouldn’t surprise us one bit.


It might only have premiered in New York in 2015, but this performance has weaved its way into the fabric of West End critical recognition seamlessly.

Set in the tumultuous backdrop of the American Revolutionary War, Hamilton is a contemporary musical with a wonderful score and a fervent cast dying to entertain.

Fans were clamouring for its return post-pandemic and there’s no denying this production is considered one of the great running shows in London. It’s had fans engaged and in awe in equal measure.

King Lear

A story that feels as old as time itself, Kenneth Branagh is the star of the show in a production that he also directs.

Everyone is aware of the masterful playwriting ability of William Shakespeare, but it’s no shock to us that so many are still enticed by one of his finest pieces of work.

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Les Misérables

Finally, another title that harks back a long way but remains an all-time favourite. Les Mis has endured despite a change of demographics through global theatre doors.

The story follows a former French convict seeking a new life after his release which saw him locked away for years for stealing bread for his family. Now he dedicates his life to saving a young girl from her struggles. 
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