Nxzllnr Reviews – Is Nxzllnr legit?

Do you want to know the real opinions of Nxzllnr before buying from this site? If so, read this post. Here, we have only shared accurate reviews based on our expert research. Nxzllnr is an online electronic store for kitchen appliances such as a mixer, coffee makers, and food processors. Many people in the United States are curious whether it is worth buying devices or just a scam. At first glance, the site looks legitimate, but in-depth research will find it in this post. So keep reading.

What is Nxzllnr?

Nxzllnr is an online store for kitchen gadgets that is exactly 294 days old, which means that its domain was created on March 13, 2020. While the research is legitimate or not Nxzllnr, we conducted a deep research on the market from the Internet, so that our readers can come up with the best purchase decision.When we got to their official website, we found that the site sells kitchen appliances such as a stand mixer, food processor and coffee mixer from the big brands at cost affordable. The attractive part of this site is offering a great discount that you will not find in the market. We come to your footer section where the FAQ, privacy, shipping, and returns pages work as we go. But the company page about us is missing. Therefore, there is no information about your physical store and also about the owner.

In addition, we also found mixed reviews of Nxzllnr on the web that you may consider a swamp alarm that you should not buy on this site. Based on security checks, we found that the site has used HTTPS, a secure connection to the Internet, to appear legitimate. Also, we found that the area has a low Alexa rank, which means it is less popular.

Nxzllnr Specifications:

• Website: Nxzllnr

• Company address: not mentioned

• Company email address: [email protected]

• Company contact information: not mentioned

• Alexa Rank: 1,000,000

• Security: SSL certificate

• Products: stand mixer, coffee maker and food processors

• Payment methods: PayPal, Discover, etc.

• Return / exchange: mentioned

• Discount: 70%

Advantages of buying from Nxzllnr

• Great discount

• Variety of mixers, manufacturers and food processors to choose from

• The site is certified with SSL security

• You can buy the products in various currencies.

• Include revolutionary products that stand out from the crowd

• Offering too good deals on all products.

• Detailed information for the product is described

Cons of buying from Nxzllnr

• Negative reviews of Nxzllnr were found on the web

• Provided false trust to customers

• The domain was 294 days old

• No warranty for products

• No proprietary information provided

• No physical location provided

• Found that the site is less prevalent in the United States.

• The content provided on the site is copied.

Is Nxzllnr legit?

Nxzllnr appears to be legit at first glance, but we found the site to be horrible site-wise. No information on ownership, no information on brands and copied content and many methods they have used similar to proven scam sites. Therefore, we discovered that the site is a scam and we recommend not to buy from this site.

With the increasing demand for online shopping, many scammers have created their site to mislead customers. Nxzllnr’s site claims to offer the best kitchen products for customers, but customer support and shipping found terrible information. There is an email if it looks like a scam. Also, the site has used too many offers to grab the attention of customers and force them to buy.

What are Nxzllnr reviews?

Nxzllnr is a less popular electronic store for selling various kitchen gadgets at deep discounts. Don’t you think this is a scam site? They are selling a product for $ 345 to $ 99. You should be careful of these scam sites because they are working on a “too good deals” marketing strategy.

In case you want to take the risk of buying these scam sites, you can go ahead at your own risk. We also suggest that if you are shopping, you choose the COD option. Don’t share your card details; the fraudulent sites that are found often do not use your information.


Lastly, Nxzllnr reviews that we need to warn you not to buy from this site. The site domain was 294 days old and found only negative reviews related to customer support, shipping, and more. If you find this post helpful, please share your thoughts with comments.