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Nutrichopper is a hand-held gadget that is intended to empower you to cleave an assortment of food things, including natural products, vegetables, meats, and cheeses, up to multiple times quicker than you would with a blade. Each hand-held instrument accompanies four distinct connections that have been intended to cut thick cuts, thin julienned cuts, wedges, and 3D shapes. After you’re done utilizing the instrument, it’s predefined that you’ll have the option to either flush it off or load it into your dishwasher for cleaning.

Absolute Cost Breakdown

The expense of Nutrichopper is $19.95 and the transportation is FREE!

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The most effective method to Use (Step by Step)

Addition Chosen Attachment

Before you can begin utilizing your Nutrichopper, you’ll need to embed one of the four included connections. The one you pick ought to rely upon what kind of food you need to cut (and how). As suggested above, you’ll have the option to cut meat, cheddar, an egg, a natural product, or a vegetable into thick strips, slim strips, 3D squares, or wedges, contingent upon your chose connection. Be certain that you embed the connection into the lower part of the instrument’s “mouth” (the top ought to be strong orange) and try not to contact its cutting edges as you do as such.

Prepare Cutting Board

At the point when you begin cutting food with this apparatus, you’ll need somewhere to get the pieces, so before you start, you ought to prepare a cutting board before you. Then again, in the event that you don’t have a cutting board, or would prefer not to utilize one, you can get a bowl, a plate, or another piece of kitchenware prepared to get the food that you’ll cut.

Spot Food in Device

To start cutting a specific food thing, embed it in the instrument’s mouth, straightforwardly between the connection you added and the more strong top. While clutching the handle of the instrument with your prevailing hand, get the front edge of the furthest edge of the apparatus with the other hand. Following that, push the mouth shut so the cutting edges of the instrument interact with the food inside. This will make cuts of food fall onto your cutting board or elective piece of kitchenware underneath.

Rehash Process (discretionary)

Then, rehash the past advance to cut up however many bits of food as you need to. In the event that you cut any meat or dairy items, it’s a smart thought to flush the device with water each time you switch things, particularly in case you’ll be cutting natural products or veggies a short time later.

Tidy up

At the point when you’re finished with your cutting apparatus for something like a short time, you can either wash it in your sink or spot it in the top rack of your dishwasher



At about a similar size as a hair straightener or electric hair curling accessory, the Nutrichopper is a genuinely minimized kitchen instrument. Moreover, the idea about the finish of every one is thin sufficient that your hand should feel good while clinging to it, but at the same time it’s thick enough to permit you to successfully control the instrument.

Orange and Black

This instrument is primarily dark, with orange connections for cutting and orange accents on the top. The orange accents might permit you to detect the device whenever you need to utilize it, regardless of whether it’s being put away among a huge number of cooking wares.


The Nutrichopper is controlled totally by the human hand, which means you’ll never require batteries or power to work yours. That implies you’ll have the option to utilize it practically anyplace, regardless of whether you have no batteries close by and no admittance to an accessible outlet. Utilizing it often additionally will not make you drive up your power bill.

Compatible Attachments

The four connections that each device accompanies can be exchanged to and fro like a flash. Every one will empower you to cut different bits of food, from six thick cuts to an aggregate of 30 more modest solid shapes. Each cutting edge inside every connection is made of treated steel, which is normally known as a sharp, excellent kind of material.

Locks for Storage

You’ll see that on the highest point of your Nutrichopper, there’s a little orange catch that is formed like a half-moon. In the event that you press this catch descending, you’ll have the option to lock your gadget when you store it away in a cabinet (or elsewhere). That way, it will not surprisingly fly open and cut somebody’s hand on the off chance that they end up getting it, and within likewise will not wind up canvassed in residue or soil from the extra room.

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Positive Points

Cuts Almost All Foods

Some human-fueled cutting apparatuses will just cut up products of the soil, yet the hardened steel sharp edges that this one utilizes are adequately amazing to cut practically all food things. You’ll have the option to cut up even hard cheeses and hard meats with this gadget, without making its sharp edges curve or break. The solitary food things to try not to cut with your Nutrichopper are bread items, frozen food varieties, and candy-style food sources like hard chocolate.

Helps Keep Hands Clean

On the off chance that you regularly attempt to cut up specific food varieties with a kitchen blade, you might have seen that you’ve oftentimes wound up with juices (like vegetable, organic product, or meat juice) on your hands. It’s unpleasant to have your hands canvassed in fluid, particularly if the fluid is tacky or has a terrible smell, however luckily, your Nutrichopper will assist you with staying away from that issue. At the point when you’re utilizing this apparatus to cut food, the solitary time your hands will interact with the food is the point at which you get a piece and add it to the gadget’s mouth.

Capacity Container Included

Each Nutrichopper accompanies a reduced, straightforward food stockpiling compartment with a rectangular shape. In case you’re just cleaving up a bit of food, you can even hold the instrument straight over this holder and let the food fall directly into it. Every compartment likewise accompanies an orange cover. In the event that you ensure you press every one of the four tabs down on the cover, this will assist you with saving the first character and surface of a food that you store in your fridge.

Save Time

If you somehow managed to endeavor to cut food straightforwardly into a serving of mixed greens bowl or a burner pot with a blade, the food may not wind up where you need it to go. You’d probably wind up squandering valuable minutes of planning energy on gathering up stray pieces of food and moving them to the pot or bowl. Then again, on the off chance that you utilize your Nutrichopper to cleave food straightforwardly into a pot or bowl all things considered, the instrument’s plan will make the bits of food drop straight into the kitchenware. Consequently, utilizing a cutting board for slashing or cutting purposes will not be essential, and this will empower you to skirt a whole advance in a common food planning measure.

Savvy Advice

Try not to purchase Nutrichopper online prior to looking through Amazon.

  • Alternatives or similar things are consistently accessible and once in a while at lower costs