Prime Nordic plc is a family possessed venture organization putting speculations and holding an arrangement of Nordic organizations on Nasdaq Nordic and comparable Nordic Markets.Prime Nordic (London) Ltd is a showcasing and business warning organization giving statistical surveying and B2B support services.The plc’s central goal is to give maintainability through making long haul and social worth by putting resources into very much represented organizations that contribute emphatically to society.Prime Nordic looks for sound administration, risk the executives and consistence structures inside their investee organizations, as well as advancing solid social, ecological and financial frameworks.

The Nordic Report

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Six leader projects

The three-year drive includes six leader projects, traversing manageable town arranging, local energy co-activity, interests in orientation fairness, maintainable food creation, brilliant government assistance and environment arrangements – – and addresses a few of the 17 Agenda 2030 SDGs.The lead project Nordic Energy Solutions depends on existing Nordic co-activity and addresses SDG 7 “Feasible energy for all”. “The Nordic Region is a trailblazer in sustainable and coordinated energy frameworks, and a large number of our answers could be sent somewhere else. Our venture targets East Africa, which has an extensive variety of environmentally friendly power,” says Svend Søyland, project director.

Appealing towns and urban communities

The leader project Nordic Sustainable Cities tends to SDG 11 “Maintainable urban areas for all”. The Nordic Region has mastery in providing entire frameworks for harmless to the ecosystem water and waste treatment yet regardless of anything else of integrating personal satisfaction into its planning.”What the world believes from the Region is our capacity should construct alluring towns and urban communities to live in and that function admirably,” makes sense of Hans Fridberg, project supervisor.

Orientation fairness supports efficiency

The leader project Nordic Gender Effect at Work tends to SDG 5 “Orientation Equality” and 8 “Fair work and financial growth”.”There is enormous interest to gain from the Nordic nations about putting resources into orientation equity. The Region has demonstrated that equivalent freedoms for ladies and men at work create flourishing, efficiency and monetary turn of events,” says Julia Fäldt-Wahengo, who concocted the thought for the venture.


The Nordic Prime Ministers and the Nordic CEOs for a Sustainable Future,Agree that to carry out the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement[1] on environmental change by 2030, cooperation between the general population and confidential areas should be intensified.Recognizing the significance of an orientation equivalent society as an essential for supportable turn of events and of coordinating orientation uniformity issues into independent direction and strategy detailing. Hence, SDG 5 is both an independent objective and is cross-cutting other SDG objectives, including nr. 12 and 13.Recognizing the Nordic Council of Ministers’ new vision,Our Vision 2030, officially concurred in August in Reykjavík, and the Helsinki Declaration on Nordic Carbon Neutrality from January 2019.Welcoming the goal to make the Nordic Region a worldwide forerunner in fighting environmental change and accomplishing a more economical society as well as turning into a much more coordinated locale.