Nine valuable tips for decorating your child’s room

The environment in which a child grows up largely influences his behavior and mood. That is why parents need to create a comfortable space where their children sleep, play, and learn – in this article. The unique bathroom vanities store New Bathroom style will give some valuable recommendations and offer you where to buy bathroom vanity and medicine cabinet with light.


The entire room of the children’s room can be conditionally divided into several functional zones in which the child will study, sleep, play, play sports and store toys. As the child grows up and new hobbies appear, the size of these zones will also change.

You can distinguish between the play and study areas using a screen or shelving, not forgetting about the sharp corners on the furniture. Open racks with unique baskets and containers will be a convenient storage solution; children will use them independently.

Even if the space is minimal, it must be planned to create free space for creativity or games – to assemble a toy railroad, etc. You should not overload the room with massive wardrobes and beds; it is better to leave more room for entertainment and creativity, focusing on the multifunctionality of the furniture.

Safety and practicality

Before you start shopping, make a list of the items you need for the interior and furnishing of the child’s room and devices for protecting the child. Regarding security issues, you can think of furniture with enclosing elements and 24 inch bathroom vanity in the bathroom. Take care that there are no open sockets, sharp corners, high thresholds, windows that can be easily opened. It is also recommended to avoid available pipes and radiators, light sources that heat up during operation, and objects that attract a lot of dust and are difficult to clean.

Walls and floor

Transform walls into one sizeable creative space, changing their function from a trendy design element to a surface to bring new ideas and imaginations to life. To do this, instead of expensive wallpaper made of paper and textiles, you can use wallpaper-coloring or magnetic marker/cork panels. When choosing finishes, take into account the cartoon characters and fairy tales that the child loves most. Now you can buy wallpapers for fans of the “Snow Queen,” “Paw Patrol,” fans of drawing, animals, circus, etc. – for every taste and color.

For the child to play comfortably on the floor, it is recommended to choose the covering from not cold and non-slip natural materials – cork, Marmoleum, parquet board. It is better not to use carpeting throughout the room because of the large amount of accumulated dust. It can cause allergies. For the playing area, the carpet will be just right.

Sleeping place

A cozy place to sleep is an important point. Children often set up houses and hide in them, feeling protected, so it is better than the “ceiling” of the child’s bed is lower. Above the bed, you can equip a canopy or canopy, or you can make a semblance of a tent yourself, fixing the fabric above the bed. You can buy a bunk bed itself and put your child’s favorite toys on the second floor. In terms of the color scheme of the sleeping area, the designers believe that it can be bright on a par with the whole room, but it is better to avoid an abundance of contrasts.

Interior “for growth.”

This common mistake leads to functional scheduling and a room that looks like a furniture store from the inside. Parents can buy, for example, several beds, sofas, and armchairs for one child, and the second at the age of three – an equipped TV zone, a first grader’s desk, etc. It is better not to rush things, gradually updating the interior as the child grows up and appears a real need for certain things, pieces of furniture, etc.

At the same time, the baby often does not require a separate room; there may well be enough space with the proper lighting, fresh air, a changing table, and a comfortable bed. The child has more interests during the age of 3-6 years, which means more different activities. Children move more. The time comes for active games and the first stages of learning. The number of toys is growing, and the child already needs a system for storing them and furniture for creative and intellectual activities.

Too many colors and a bed by a window or door

When too many different bright colors are used in decorating a child’s room, it can negatively affect the child’s concentration and make him more excitable. At the same time, the room itself will visually look smaller. The optimal solution is one color scheme and a combination of two or three colors. It is advisable to concentrate bright elements with the heroes of your favorite books, cartoons, etc., in the play area and decorate other areas in a more relaxed style.

When placing a bed near a window or a door, parents make another common mistake. Drafts often blow through these areas, and due to the proximity to the doors, the child will fall asleep worse because it will be better to hear the noise from the neighboring rooms. The optimal place for placing the bed is in the center of the room, sideways or with the headboard against the wall. Near the window, you can place a table at which the child will spend time playing educational games and activities.

Enumeration with the number of things

Often, when arranging a nursery, parents get too carried away and start buying everything. Parents without thinking about what the child will need and what will be useless. Frameless chairs, houses, high chairs, and rocking chairs, plastic slides, all kinds of rugs, huge soft toys, various textiles with embellishments and laces, etc. Suppose a child’s room has a small area. In that case, this will become a real apocalypse for her and will not always provide comfort and coziness.