New York Skin Solutions for those with spots on their face

Skin Solutions is an article series that helps to solve skin problems. If there are any further questions, please feel free to leave a comment or ask me about it on my tumbler.

Skin solution for spring breakers who have tanned too much! It’s not too late!!! Even if you don’t have it now, everybody can get Vitamin D from the sunlight. So once you’ve gotten tanned enough, take a Vitamin E tablet together with your sunscreen every day, so that excess vitamin D doesn’t cause photoaging and also increases collagen production in the skin! Remember to combine this method with good UV protection during summertime after breaking out of your sun-safe period! If you still think it’s too late for you now, apply Vitamin E supplement to your problem areas and make sure to keep them moisturized at all times! And don’t forget to wear sunscreen during wintertime.

New York Skin Solutions for those with spots on their face! One of the main causes is clogged pores. Use cleansers which are recommended by dermatologists so that chemicals won’t irritate the skin anymore. If your skin becomes even more sensitive after using these products, put a cotton cloth between cushion or tissue paper when applying makeup. It will prevent chemical residues from coming into contact with your skin, thus reducing irritation.

Skin solution for dark skin! If your skin is sensitive to the sun, avoid going out in the middle of the day and wear sunscreen. You can also apply vitamin E oil or cream with an SPF of over 15 to prevent photoaging and spots. For those who don’t use sunscreen when they go out, please never do that!!!

Skin solution for freckles! Freckles are birthmarks, just like moles. The main cause is exposure to UV light because melanocytes (cells that make pigment) multiply quickly as a result of exposure to sunlight. To solve this problem, it’s best not to expose your face and neck much during summertime if you want a brighter skin tone, so use big sunglasses, large-brimmed hats, or umbrellas. If you have freckles on your face, try to wear sunscreen during summertime so that they’ll be less visible because melanocytes are sensitive to sunlight! But for those of you who don’t use sunscreen somewhere else? You must not go out in the sun without wearing it!!!

Skin solution for dry skin! Firstly, exfoliate dead skin cells by using a product that contains AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) once a week. If your skin becomes more irritated after exfoliating with an AHA product, please stop doing this method. Then apply serum or essence onto the rough areas before putting on sunscreen and make sure to keep them moisturized.

Skin solution for those who are really pale! For those of you with extremely pale skin, your melanocytes only produce one or two types of pigment. So if you go out without wearing sunscreen during summertime, it’s likely that your skin will become more wrinkly and lose elasticity faster than people with tanned skins do! Sunscreen is necessary even on cloudy days because UV rays can pass through clouds. If you’re worried about the dark color of the sunscreen blocking up your pores, then use oil-free products which don’t contain any chemical components (which don’t help increase collagen production), like Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder. And no matter how thickly you apply this powder onto your face, it’s superfine particles.