New Voice Message Scam {Aug 2021} Stay Safe & Stay Alert!

The aide shares insights concerning the new Flubot text trick focusing on irregular versatile clients and the normal arrangements.

A trick burdens overflowed Australia, with numbers expanding every day. So the thing to do about it?

The new instant message trick called “Flubot” is sending trick instant messages to arbitrary cell phones as the clients are standing by excitedly for the report on inoculation arrangements and COVID-19 tests.

The phone message or text trick peruses, “Visit (interface) before it gets erased naturally.” The network protection master, Darren Pauli, said that the trick text targets irregular clients to introduce noxious applications or hack the beneficiary’s very own data.

The New Voice Message Scam was first written about fourth August 2021 by numerous beneficiaries. Allow us to perceive how to forestall the trick text.

What is the New Voicemail Message Scam?

The New Voicemail Message Scam is flowing in Australia, annoying many individuals hanging tight for refreshes on COVID-19 tests and immunizations. Occupants are cautioned about the odd “Flubot” instant message trick utilized by con artists in the endeavor to introduce dubious programming on cell phones.

The content trick encourages the beneficiaries to click a connection with the goal that malignant programming can be introduced. It says that the beneficiary has a missed call, and to pay attention to the voice message, they need to follow a connection.

What to Do If New Voice Message Scam Targets You?

There are sure approaches to try not to get such trick messages. To begin with, clients can add their portable number to the “Don’t Call” register to try not to get trick instant messages.

Fraudsters are utilizing arbitrary numbers which are not in an arrangement. Thus, it is hard to make out which number they are focusing on. The cycle is mechanized and quick. Along these lines, clients are encouraged to follow the underneath conventions to try not to get trick instant messages.

Try not to tap on a connection you get in the instant message and erase the message right away.

Try not to get back to at the number you got the New Voice Message Scam, as they are probably going to be a trickster. Tricksters are utilizing gadgets that are not tainted or satirize.

Clients need to report the instant message at the Australian Signals Directorate by visiting the site

In the event that you have tapped the connection and imparted your own subtleties to the trickster, contact IDCARE or call 1800-595-160.

In the event that you have introduced any product, approach the bank to guarantee your record is secure.

Since instant messages are turning out to be free, it is arising as the well known decision to utilize and maltreatment by tricksters.

Key Highlights of the Scam Text

The online protection experts affirm that the fraudsters are insane and should not take advantage of or attempt to trick individuals during the pandemic with New Voice Message Scam.

The trick instant messages target arbitrary beneficiaries and urge them to introduce malevolent programming to take individual data and vital subtleties.

Darren Pauli, the online protection master, said that beneficiaries should add their number to the DND register and square the number while moving toward the organization suppliers.


Australian Competition Consumer Competition or ACCC said that the principal instance of the Flubot text trick was accounted for on fourth August, and from that point forward, many cases were enlisted. The trick writings are sent on different occasions on irregular portable numbers. The network safety specialists said that the New Voice Message Scam messages and calls are hard to obstruct. Along these lines, clients need to take a couple of measures to try not to get trick instant messages.New Voice Message Scam