New to Psychedelics? Here’s What You Need to Know

The legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada has caused a surge in interest in more powerful psychedelic drugs. Psychedelics like magic mushrooms have been consumed by people worldwide for centuries. 

However, mushrooms and cannabis were banned here decades ago out of a warped and rabid political ideology, culminating in the “war on drugs,” which made nobody safer or healthier and merely managed to ruin lives through incarceration while squandering millions or even billions of dollars. People looking to have meaningful connections today may take psychedelics like mushrooms and LSD, but they should know a few things before they do.

Begin with a Low Dosage

If you’re taking psychedelics for the first time, it’s best to begin with a low dose so you don’t take more than you can handle. Being in an altered state of consciousness or hallucinating is something you can build towards rather than jump into the deep end right away.

You can always raise the amount you ingest next time. If you don’t feel the first dose right away, don’t take more! Be patient, as sometimes mushrooms or LSD can take an hour or so to kick in. Take a maximum of one dose per day, as you don’t want to ingest a second dose before the first takes effect.

Outdoor and Indoor Locations

Many people describe how psychedelics helped them commune with nature, so it’s a good idea to have an attractive outdoor setting you can access easily on foot, or at least without requiring a car. Be mindful of where you take the psychedelics; if you can be near nature, whether a remote forest or a city park, that’s great! check on psychedelic therapy seattle.

You’ll also want a safe and controlled indoor location nearby, so you have somewhere comfortable if the weather turns bad or you prefer being inside. 

A Guide at Hand

You probably don’t want to take psychedelic drugs alone, but it’s best for newbies to take them with someone experienced. They can guide you through the changing mind-states and calm you down should you feel at all uncomfortable.

Music Matters

Nature has a way of speaking directly with the innermost parts of your soul and mind on psychedelics, but soundwaves floating through the air (i.e., music!) mean something different altogether. You’ll have a different appreciation for music while high that is hard to describe. 

Some people report feelings of synesthesia, where the senses are somehow temporarily cross-wired, and you can almost see music or experience it on a sensory plane that is ordinarily inaccessible. You’ll have your own unique musical experience while on it, so long as you don’t forget to bring the tunes!

Psychedelics can be powerful, and you need to take certain measures to ensure your trip is pleasant. Otherwise, you’re liable for things to take a downward slide, which can be uncomfortable and unenjoyable. Remember the above tips, and you should have an unforgettable, eye-opening experience.