New lottery game will replace Fast Play in January

The Florida Lottery announced that it will be adding a new draw game to its lineup next month that will offer five daily drawings and a unique way of winning by matching one number.

There’s a new sort of draw game coming to Florida, one that has risen in popularity among lottery players in other jurisdictions and will take its place in the Sunshine State next.

In January, Florida players will be able to try out Cash Pop, which functions a bit differently than most other draw games.

Players select a $1, $2, or $5 wager amount and choose one or more numbers between 1 and 15 or may request a Quick Pick. However, the prize amount to be won is determined at the time the ticket is printed. The computer randomly generates the ticket’s prize value from odds that correspond with the chosen wager, and should the player’s numbers match the one drawn in the next consecutive drawing, they will win the prize printed on their ticket.

“The Lottery is continuously evaluating our games and product offerings to keep the interest of our current players and to reach new players,” a Florida Lottery spokesperson told Lottery Post. “Cash Pop has performed well in other lottery jurisdictions and shows significant revenue potential to generate additional money for education in Florida.”

According to the Lottery, the Cash Pop drawings will be conducted using a random number generator, with results being displayed via an animated reveal. Those videos will be available for viewing on the Florida Lottery’s website.

“We are very excited to offer our players this new game; players enjoy the ease of play and incredible odds of winning and that’s exactly what the new Cash Pop Draw game will provide!” the Lottery continued. “Additionally, we hope players will also take pride in the fact that, like all Florida Lottery games, a portion of every Cash Pop ticket purchased will generate additional revenue for students and schools across our state.”

Cash Pop will also replace the current Fast Play games, which are set to end on Jan. 2, 2022. Tickets for Cash Pop will go on sale beginning Jan. 3, 2022, with the first drawing scheduled for 8:45 am on Mon., Jan. 3, 2022.

Cash Pop drawings will take place five times a day, seven days a week. Below is the daily draw schedule for Cash Pop in EST:

  1. 8:45 am (Morning)
  2. 11:45 am (Matinée)
  3. 2:45 pm (Afternoon)
  4. 6:45 pm (Evening)
  5. 11:45 pm (Late Night)

All Cash Pop winning numbers, prizes, and odds will be published Florida Lottery Results page right after each drawing.