Netgear Extender Not Detecting 5 GHz WiFi Band: Easy Ways to Fix It

Your Netgear WiFi range extender can’t detect the 5 GHz WiFi band of your router? Is the extender intermittently losing the connection to the 5 GHz? Looking for a solution? If you nod in yes, you have come across the right post. Here, you will get to know how to fix the Netgear extender not detecting 5 GHz WiFi band issue. Read on.

Fixed: Netgear Extender Not Detecting 5 GHz Band

1. Relocate Your Netgear Extender

First and foremost, check the placement of your Netgear wireless range extender. If your extender is placed near metal doors, aluminum studs, cordless phones, baby monitors, refrigerators, Bluetooth speakers, treadmills, microwaves, and other interference-creating devices, then you may experience intermittent WiFi connection issue. So, place your extender at a certain distance away from such devices.

What’s more, keep your Netgear range extender and the router in the same room closer to each other. Doing so will also help you get rid of the mywifiext login issues.

2. Check if Your Device is 5 GHz Supported

Perhaps, the device you are using is not compatible with the 5 GHz band. That’s why it is not able to connect to your Netgear extender’s 5 GHz WiFi. So, make sure that the device you use to access the internet is 5 GHz supported.

3. Change the WiFi Band

Another way to get rid of the Netgear extender not detecting 5 GHz WiFi band issue is to change the WiFi band. For this, just access mywifiext.local web page and enter the admin user ID and password into the given fields. After logging in, click on the Wireless section. Now, look for the Channel option. In the event that the channel is set to Auto or a channel between 100-140 or 52-64, change it to a channel between 149-161. Once done, hit the Apply button. Now, reconnect your Netgear wireless range extender to the 5 GHz band and check if the connectivity has enhanced.

4. Power Cycle Your Netgear WiFi Extender

Rebooting is the simplest way to fix all minor or major technical issues. So, power cycle your Netgear range extender once and try again. Here’s how to reboot your Netgear range extender:

  • Disconnect all your devices connected to the extender.
  • Power off your Netgear range extender.
  • Unplug the extender from the wall socket.
  • Wait for some time.
  • Now, plug the extender back into an electrical outlet and power it on.
  • Reconnect your devices.

5. Reset Your Netgear Extender

The ultimate way to fix the Netgear extender not detecting 5 GHz WiFi band is to reset your extender. Restore all the default factory settings on your Netgear range extender. For this, all you have to do is simply press the Reset button on it. Or you can also access the extender’s web interface via IP to reset your Netgear wireless extender.

In this manner, you can fix the Netgear extender not detecting 5 GHz WiFi band issue. If you know any other tactic to get rid of the issue, share that with your fellow readers as well.