Need More Storage? Here’s How Commercial Storage Units Can Help

Whether you run a small or large business, space is a necessary commodity.

The rent on commercial real estate space for business owners is no small cost. Just take a look at the average rent price of commercial space in these well-known US cities. Not to mention additional insurance costs, taxes, and other potential costs.

One solution to this problem for many business owners is finding more storage with a commercial storage company. By utilizing commercial storage space for your growing business, you can cut down on paying for unused commercial office space.

Let’s go ahead and find out more about how commercial real estate storage can improve your business expenses.

1. Better Cost Efficiency

Renting a commercial storage unit can provide you with the chance to save on renting office space that may be too large for your current business size. In addition, with an average increase in the price of commercial storage space of just 0.2% from April to May of 2021 – commercial storage space can offer you price stability.

The price per square foot for commercial storage space will almost always be significantly lower than commercial office space. It is designed to save your business money from the start.

2. More Usable Office Space

Let’s say that your business is growing a little faster than you anticipated, but you know that moving to a new office space is out of the question. A commercial storage unit can help you move clutter from your current office into a newly organized space.

An organized and more easily navigatable office can help to improve your entire office’s productivity.

3. Secure Document Storage

If you are struggling to keep important documents organized, a commercial storage unit can help. Many businesses are required to maintain certain records for years due to tax purposes. Why clutter your office space with documents that may never have to be reaccessed?

Electronic filing is an excellent system if you can manage it, but most businesses are still dealing with piles of paper. A secure and climate-controlled commercial storage unit can provide you with the necessary space to store your business documents and free up valuable space in your office.

4. Flexible Rent & Lease Options

Many self-storage companies will offer you flexible options for commercial storage units. For example, your business may only require you to rent space for the first quarter while transitioning to a new office space. In this case, there is no need to commit to a long-term contract.

However, many commercial storage facilities can offer you discounts on long-term contracts if that fits your business needs. Don’t hesitate to ask your storage company if you can downsize or upsize to a new unit that fits the current conditions of your business.

The whole concept is never to have to pay for space you don’t need. So why would you pay for it with your commercial storage unit company, too?

Benefit From Commercial Storage Today

Regardless of what type of business you operate, a commercial storage unit can offer you more storage for your business needs. As a result, you will cut down on rent costs, create more usable office space, and secure sensitive business information with a straightforward solution.

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