Naivas 30th Anniversary {Sep} Is It Legit Or Another Scam?

One more Facebook page is promoting occupations in Kenya’s Naivas grocery stores.

Africa Check has exposed numerous other trick Facebook pages professing to post opening at the grocery store chain, however all attempting to draw work searchers into paying application charges for non-existent positions.

Could this page be any unique?

Warning city

The page is designated “Naivas Supermarket shop”, like other false pages called “Naivas Supermarket Careers” and “Naivas Supermarket Jobs”.

This page was made in May 2019 and its latest occupation promotion was posted on 3 September 2020. By correlation, the authority Naivas Facebook page was made in 2010. We could secure no position advertisements on the authority page.

The posts list a wireless number to call, to go after jobs as different as chiefs, acquisition officials, cleaners, clerks and wellbeing laborers. This isn’t the way wherein huge organizations typically enlist new staff.

The posts are regularly inadequately spelled, in any event, incorrect spelling normal words like “need” and “clients”, another warning that the advertisements are phony.

New strategies, normal, worn out trick

The presents likewise interface on a Facebook structure where information from a Facebook client’s profile is consequently filled in.

This is an alternate methodology from other phony Facebook work promotions we have exposed, which have urged forthcoming position candidates to present their own subtleties through Google structures.

This Facebook page likewise reposts photographs from the authority Naivas Facebook page, to appear to be more tenable. A phony Tuskys Facebook page that Africa Check as of late exposed conveyed a similar strategy.

The authority Naivas page connects to the retailer’s site, not normal for the positions page.

However, regardless of trick work pages turning out to be more refined, Naivas has recently revealed to Africa Check that they urge work searchers to present their CVs straightforwardly, face to face, at their neighborhood Naivas stores.

The grocery store chain has likewise disclosed to us they publicize opening on LinkedIn and “utilize proficient HR firms for senior recruits.”

This is simply one more false positions page, made to trick weak individuals.