My Nation Co Scam – How does it work?

My Nation Co Scam: Are you excited for the Christmas or New Years festival? Do you want to wish your relatives and friends to eat, drink and enjoy this festival with the coming new year 2021? So we have a website that would be very beneficial for you to make wish great and attractive.

People from Australia, the United States and the Philippines are looking for such a platform. But before using any website to make wishes, you should be aware that it may or may not be legitimate.

So, let’s get into My Nation Co Xmas.

Introduction to

In simple words, it is an online website that is gradually catching the attention of people all over the world. It allows the user to enter their names and get a colorful and bright wish for the upcoming Christmas festival and New Year 2021.

The website was created on 2020-02-28.

The surprise message is a lovely way to amaze your loved ones with such a fantastic wish and card to make their day better and bigger. Let us know more how it works.

Do you want to get into the scam? So keep going.

How does it work?

In order to use the website, you need to follow some steps as follows:

1. Enter the website through the URL

2. Then a bell icon appears and you should touch it.

3. Now, the doors open and you must enter your name to get your wish card.

4. Then a card is displayed with your name and best wishes.

Thus, you can share the same with friends and family through the media managers that appear on the site such as Facebook and WhatsApp. Now, we know what is and how it works.

It is safe?

While exploring all aspects of the website, we found a lot of information about it. First of all, the website was created ten months ago and the HTTPS protocol protects it.

On the other hand, there are few loopholes such as no details about the owner, the trust score is two percent, it is not popular enough, and the domain has a short life expectancy as it has been registered for one year. .

So, here are some tips that make it a scam.

My Nation Co Scam: Conclusion

After investigating all the details of the website, we discovered that some aspects do not favor the legitimacy of the website. But there are not some major issues with the site and we cannot call it a very scam platform. But users should know about this website as two other versions of the same site are found according to some sources.

Please be careful when using it and explore the website once before using it for any future purpose.