We all know that the cryptocurrency market continues to grow. Moreover, there are several platforms developed to enhance the crypto experience of investors. Among these is Yieldnodes. Is this the right service for your crypto investment? Read more to learn more about this platform. I will give you a comprehensive guide for my favorite crypto service Yieldnodes.  

Yieldnodes defined 

If you’re not familiar with Yieldnodes, don’t worry because I will provide you a comprehensive guide about this crypto service. Yieldnodes is a reliable cryptocurrency platform that can offer you many opportunities for your investment. 

With this crypto service, you can increase your fiat currency (GBP, USD, AUD, etc.) or cryptocurrency (ETH, BTC, etc.) through earning masternode returns and distribute it between investors. CEO Steve Hoermann heads the platform. It is equipped with innovative features that can meet your expectations for your cryptocurrency investment. 

Features of Yieldnodes 

Yieldnodes comes with excellent features, including the following:

  • Minimum deposit of €500
  • Monthly returns from masternodes of circa 10% per month 
  • Minimum term of 6 months
  • Profits and returns are paid monthly in bitcoin; they can be auto-compounded or withdrawn 

Despite its impressive features, you should keep in mind that, like other platforms, there are still potential risks while using Yieldnodes. With that, you should be careful to avoid a loss that may disappoint you later on. 

Why choose Yieldnodes? 

Yieldnodes is designed to help investors generate stable returns through “masternoding,” cryptocurrency’s lucrative aspect. The best about masternode profits is that it is not only generally fixed, but it can also be compounded and can be high. Masternodes can pay a fixed coin amount monthly, which makes Yieldnodes provide a minimum monthly return of about 5%. 

Transparency and credibility 

Compared to other cryptocurrency platforms in the market, Yieldnodes come with good credibility and transparency. It is a good investment for your time and effort in your crypto trading. You can audit Yieldnodes, so you can ensure that the platform is genuine. You can also check if the funds you invest in are correctly used. 


In the cryptocurrency market, every coin comes with a fixed amount of total coins that will end in circulation. Well, Yieldnodes allows you to gain with crypto through masternoding. You can earn coins in two ways: Proof of Stake (POS) and Proof of Work (POW). These are essential in generating returns with Yieldnodes. 

Proof of Stake

The Proof of Stake can reward you with currency. Meanwhile, one should offer proof of ‘stake’ instead of solving complex equations. Here, the user needs to deposit currency in a specific wallet, where they are frozen and can generate coins. There is a minimum investment amount to qualify for POS rewards. It is referred to as ‘masternode.’ In qualifying for masternode, you need to buy a high volume of coins which is quite expensive. 

If the masternode is set up as Proof of Stake, the masternode owner will be rewarded with coins monthly. The coins can be traded into various cryptocurrencies or exchange into fiat currency like GBP or USD. 

Proof of Work 

It is also called ‘mining.’ It is the original method that coins are released and how you can earn bitcoins. The Proof of Work is based on advanced mathematics known as “cryptography” (the origin of the term cryptocurrency). It can offer you with very high return. 

How Yieldnodes generate returns?

With Yieldnodes, you can generate more returns with your crypto investment. Note that every POS cryptocurrency comes with a different reward for its masternodes. Some can provide small returns like about 2% monthly, while others can provide thousands or hundreds of % monthly. 

Usually, the lower % return coins are those that have the highest exchange value. With that, a great deal of experience is needed to find coins that provide substantial value than other coins and provide a good monthly return from its masternode. 

The team of Yieldnodes can provide you value in 3 methods:

1. Offering technical expertise needed to make a masternode as a proof of stake

2. Researching best coins to masternode from thousands of coins, balancing value with returns to make a stable monthly return

3. Pooling funds between investors, so small investors can also take advantage of the masternodes

Investing in Yieldnodes

The Yieldnodes is an easy-to-use platform for your cryptocurrency trading. Using this platform doesn’t require prior knowledge or experience in cryptocurrency. In addition, you’re not required to own cryptocurrency since the platform accepts deposits in fiat currencies like Euro’s and US dollars through payment methods like MasterCard, Visa, and bank wire (comes with card fees). 

With this, you can directly transfer your funds from your bank to Yieldnodes. If you invest your funds, you can select whether you compound or make your monthly returns paid out to you. Meanwhile, keep in mind that your invested funds have a 6-month minimum investment period. After six months, you can now withdraw them for free. You can also leave them to earn more profits. 

Cost-effective crypto platform

Yieldnodes is a cost-effective crypto platform you can trust. Unlike other crypto platforms out there, it doesn’t have subscription or membership fees. You’re free to join and start your investment. The platform’s ongoing management costs are taken from its monthly profits ( 15% profits are taken as operating fees for Yieldnodes). On the other hand, the returns shown are net of the fees taken by Yieldnodes. 

Easy signup

Yieldnodes also has easy signup. You can fill out the signup form, so you can have members’ area accessibility. There are no signup fees, so there is no risk in checking the member’s area. They can also provide you with excellent customer support.   


Yieldnodes can be an efficient platform you can use to make the best of your cryptocurrency investment. I recommend Yieldnodes if you wish to enhance the quality of your cryptocurrency investment. You have peace of mind since Yieldnodes is a genuine platform. It is not a scam, so you have assurance that you can get rewarding returns upon using it for your crypto needs. If you’re ready to get high returns in crypto, it is a good idea to choose Yieldnodes.