Must-read couch cleaning tips and tricks

The couch in your living room is a piece of upholstery that holds the most memories, and it provides unparalleled comfort to your lifestyle. It’s where you take naps, catch up with friends and family over a cup of coffee, binge watch your favorite shows, snuggle up with your pets, and even consume meals. Food spills, accidents, dust, grime, and pet hair accumulate as a result of excessive and regular use, causing the fabric of your sofa to degrade. It is critical to avail expert couch cleaning service to reverse the damage; in addition, proper couch maintenance must be practiced. If you’re wondering what you can do to keep your couch in immaculate condition, here are some must-know upholstery cleaning Brisbane tips.

Pro tips & tricks that can make Couch cleaning Brisbane effortless:

Follow manufacturers guide- First things first, always begin the cleaning process by locating the manufacturer’s guide in form of a tiny label in a corner of your couch. This guide usually has codes that help you determine what kind of cleaners (water-based or dry insolvents) can be utilized to deep-clean & what kind of solutions can leave an adverse effect on your couch.

Vacuum regularly- The easiest way of keeping the sofa clean is by vacuuming it regularly. Vacuuming helps suck up tiny food particles, pet hair, dust & dirt lying on the surface. Vacuuming cannot extract impurities lying deep inside the fabric hence it is crucial to vacuum your couch every alternate day before the impurities settle deep into the foundation.

Prompt & apt stain removal- The obvious instinct in case of stains is scrubbing which is widely known to ruin the fabric permanently. Lounge cleaning Brisbane experts recommend blotting the stain immediately with a paper towel instead of scrubbing. Later you can dilute the stain with water & clean it at the home or seek expert aid depending on how stubborn & huge the stain is. Also, make sure you use stain removal solutions that are suitable to the fabric of your couch to avert mishaps.

Do not neglect the wooden & metal areas- Cleaning the fabric of your couch will not help if the metal & wooden area of your couch is unclean. The dirt, mold, dust mite or any other form of damage can easily transfer to the fabric therefore pay attention to the armrest, headrest, etc. to clean these non-fabric areas you can mix 1tbsp liquid soap with one cup of water & simply wipe it using a cotton cloth.

Don’t forget to sanitize- Cleaning is not disinfecting; cleaning helps eliminate existing pollutants & disinfecting prevents them from returning. Merely conducting couch cleaning Brisbane is not sufficient; use a sanitizer & spray it all over the couch for full-proof protection from allergens & bacteria.

Is cleaning sufficient?

Is cleaning sufficient? The answer to that will be no. It doesn’t matter how well you clean, deodorize, or sterilize the sofa if you aren’t careful around it. So, here are a few suggestions to help you maintain your sofa:

  • Do not place the sofa where it will be directly exposed to sunlight; particularly a leather sofa as it may develop cracks
  • Treat humidity immediately to avoid mold growth & dry rots
  • Seek professional couch cleaning service at least once a year for better upkeep
  • Do not completely rely on home cures as they may or may not be effective
  • Don’t allow sharp objects near the sofa

The sofa in your house is the most integral & most preferred piece of furniture. It is only with appropriate care & attention that this favorite piece of upholstery can remain in excellent shape for years to come. Although professionals are one call away make sure you practice these tips for upholstery cleaning Brisbane regularly for a stunning & sanitary couch.