So, you have acquired a motorcycle and want to roar into the sunset? You should hold your horses because you aren’t there yet. Unlike your favorite movie star, you must wear safety gear before starting your journey. This safety gear means a lot since accidents are unpredictable and common. What are these gears that you need to be safe? Here are the five must-have ones that you need. 


These are arguably the most critical safety gear, with the CDC estimating that they save thousands of lives yearly. The motorcycle helmets have a hard outer shell, liners that absorb impact, comfortable padding, and a good retention system. This construction ensures that even an impact on a hard surface won’t hurt you. Moreover, these pieces of safety gear come in different designs to suit your style. Common types include the full face, off-road, modular, and dual sport. The half helmet and open face are other types suitable for daily use. 


Motorcycle gloves are also essential despite being overlooked by most riders. These special gloves made of strong leather or thick layers of textile offer added protection. In addition, they offer comfort and style as you ride by dampening the motorbikes’ vibration, which can cause numbness. If you struggle with grip, a pair of motorcycle gloves will come in handy. 


Sturdy motorcycle boots are also essential since they protect your ankles and prevent serious foot injuries if you fall. Besides that, the boots absorb abrasion in the feet, and the lower part of your legs will start hurting if you ride in regular shoes. The motorcycle boots should have oil-resistant soles, torsional stiffness, and molded ankle protection to reap these boots’ benefits. 

Leather jackets

Leather jackets are also motorcyclists’ must-haves. These safety gears not only protect the upper torso during a crash but also protect you from harsh weather. The jackets also have reflective material that makes you visible in low light. Apart from that, the leather jacket can be a fashion statement if it blends with your bike. And you can use it in everyday fashion if it has removable padding. 


You also need a pair of motorcycle pants. These trousers make a big difference during a crash since they are fitted with protective patches that take the brunt. In addition, they come with knee sliders for aggressive riders that drag their knees on the road while in motion. The motorcycle trousers also contain lining and insulation to protect you from harsh weather conditions. 

Goggles and motorcycle glasses

Lastly, are goggles that protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and against debris or wind. Note that you need a visor before putting on the goggles for better eye protection. The visor will act as the first line of defense against debris. Although rarely used, you need these as a beginner because anything that tampers with your vision can be fatal.

Motorbikes are among the best ways to blow off steam, but you need protective gear like motorcycle helmets. It would be best to buy the helmets and the other safety gear in this article to ensure you are safe as you enjoy your bike.