Must-have Features To Consider For On-demand App Development

The thought-provoking concept of on-demand service availability is now a new normal for industries deploying mobile apps to reach their customers. 

The growing dependence on ready-to-deliver facilities have embarked the pursuit of on-demand app development among businesses. Taking example of Uber’s revamped business model that turned into an on-demand delivery service provider during lockdown days, it’s worth investing in such apps that can survive the most challenging circumstances of the ever-changing market. 

On-demand delivery apps are connecting millions of consumers with businesses propelling across the global marketplace. The convenience & ease of availing a wide array of on-demand services or products right at your comfort zone is a reason why more & more entrepreneurs are interested to raise their spendings on them. 

The benefits of on-demand app development are not restricted to high ROI & usability as the innovation of some selective features are shaping most popular trends to serve countless perks to the app owners. 

Crucial features to integrate in your on-demand application 

Even if your app meets the quality standards & on-going market trends, it may disappoint you if it lacks so-called ‘special’ features. 

Besides being feasible & perfect for your business, an app must have these requisite features to fulfill the purpose behind your investment on on-demand app development.

End-user app features

1 Search button:

A fully customized search button to let users find the desired services or products within a blink of an eye.  

2 Push Notification:

To update users regarding their order details, order confirmations, order delivery updates, new offers, etc. by sending instant push notifications via messages & emails. 

3 Real-time order tracking:

Live location tracking feature so that customers can check their order status on their fingertips. It’s one of the most essential features of almost every on-demand app launched in the present marketplace.

For example, food delivery apps like Zomato share real-time notifications on the updated location of delivery person right from the order pick up at the restaurant to its en-route journey to the customer’s address.  

4 Secure payment system:

Integrating a highly secure payment gateway is a crucial aspect of on-demand app development to make the process 100% contactless, fast, & hassle-free. Customers can select any option to make cashless payments in just a few taps. 

5 ‘Favorite’ or ‘Wishlist’ section:

Whenever a customer likes a particular product or services to purchase later, he/she can add them to their wish list or list of favorite items as per their preferences. This facility saves their time in searching for the same product again & again. 

6 Product review & feedback:

Customers feel valued when they’re asked to share their experience & feedback on a particular product or service. It gives an opportunity to appreneurs to improve customer satisfaction with better quality service/products on demand. 

7 Customer assistance:

On-demand apps present 24*7 customer support to facilitate immediate resolution/response to their queries with a backend team of professionals. 

8 General FAQs:

A section of general FAQs with answers regarding most common queries raised by consumers. 

Service provider App features

1 Accepting or Rejecting order requests:

On-demand app development demands a panel for service providers to manage a no. of orders at a time. It gives an option to users to reject or accept order requests as per their availability.  

2 Push notifications:

As similar to the customer app feature, the on-demand app for service providers updates them with every order request generated by the customers. It all happens within a matter of minutes as the service providers receive instant notifications to take prompt actions right at the moment. 

3  Start & completion:

Upon accepting order requests, a service provider can select an option to initiate the order delivery process. In the case of e-commerce, retailers switch b/w their task categories on on-demand apps for in-process, in-transit, & out for delivery options for orders. 

4 No.of orders & earnings:

Almost every category of on-demand apps including cab booking, food ordering, logistics, etc. feature a functionality that allows service providers to keep a track on their earning with every service completion. 

5 Scheduling hours of availability:

Not all service providers are available to take orders round the clock, there are many businesses that stay active for a fixed no. of hours. Such on-demand facilitators can simply select a schedule to happily conduct their business operations as per their comfort.  

6 On/Off availability status:

For instance, if any restaurant is not available to serve orders, it can turn off its availability status using this special feature for the desired timeline. Once a service provider is ready to take orders, it can switch it ON to appear in the list of available ones. 

Admin app features 

1 All-in-one dashboard:

A user-friendly dashboard is integrated with an admin panel for on-demand app development. This will enable admins to monitor both setups for service providers as well as their customers with ultimate ease. 

2 Integrated Algorithms:

The majority of on-demand apps for location tracking & local service finders are leveraged with AI-based algorithms to provide the most relevant services as per the customer requests.

3 Manage customers & service providers:

To let admins manage customers & respective service providers without hassling over the order requests, payments, discounts, order completion & cancellations, earning penalties, etc. 

4 Handling Pricing & Commissions:

Admin can keep an eye on pricing & commissions involved in the entire process of service delivery. 

In the nutshell

The aforementioned features are trending in all areas of on-demand app development. An app with some value-added features is what you need to establish your brand with guaranteed success. If you’re aspiring to get started with on-demand services then Appventurez can help you with innovative mobile app solutions to conquer the competitive marketplace.