WordPress refers to one of the most applied content management systems (CMS) worldwide. Website developers choose this open-source platform because of its range of secure plugins & themes, customization options, ease of use, huge community, and other reasons. 

Statistics from W3Techs say that 43.2% of all websites are based on WordPress. Vendors get involved in competitive WordPress products development to cater to customers’ needs and stand out. And MotoPress is one of those taking the lead in the WordPress market. Let’s look into this company!

MotoPress In Brief

In 2013, MotoPress entered the market with the MotoPress Content Editor. They had a long way to go before achieving the current results.  

And 10 years later, the team of experienced developers, designers, marketing specialists, and content creators has gained a strong reputation due to their highly-rated plugins and themes. 

Now, they are getting down to WordPress solutions to enhance the site-building experience, arrange an online booking system, and create fully-fledged designs for different industries. 

Support agents receive positive reviews of their immediate help in all support channels: tickets, emails, live chats, etc. 

MotoPress Plugins & Themes for WordPress

When it comes to MotoPress products, their plugins and themes suit multiple purposes. 

For example, the Getwid addon is packed with 40+ free extra blocks for the WordPress Block editor.  

The Stratum lineup includes an addon for Elementor with 20+ free widgets and Mega Menu. The latter enables a well-structured mega menu and smooth navigation on Elementor-based websites.

Despite providing handy tools for website-building and ready-to-go creative designs for various niches, MotoPress is widely known for its WordPress booking plugins.  

Whereas the Hotel Booking plugin meets the lodging industry’s needs, the WordPress Appointment Booking plugin matches all service-related websites: for wellness centers, dance studios, classes, educational or medical institutions, travel agencies, etc. 

With 800+ purchases, this plugin makes it possible to create unlimited services and employees. It works for individuals and establishments (even in a few locations). 

Staff members can have personal profiles with all the details included. It’s easy to specify working hours, breaks, days off, or vacations in flexible timetables. All the appointment bookings are displayed in a centralized calendar. 

Being one of the leading WordPress scheduler plugins, the MotoPress Appointment Booking plugin supports online and offline payment methods (PayPal, Stripe, direct bank transfer, and after-arrival payments). The WooCommerce Appointment Bookings add-on can be purchased to integrate WooCommerce gateways. 

It takes a few clicks to define Appointment Manager and Appointment Employee user roles and set up synchronization with an employee’s Google Calendar. The plugin is compatible with the most popular page builders: Gutenberg, Elementor, and Divi.  

MotoPress Blog

Last but not least, MotoPress helps sort things out with WordPress through its informative blog. Since the team has a lot of experience, they are ready to share helpful content in their articles. 

The MotoPress blog deals with different topics and categories. For example, you can read a comprehensive roundup to explore the best WordPress coming soon plugins, top vacation rental themes, best Elementor templates, etc. 

You’ll find step-by-step guides on the commonly searched issues, news on MotoPress product updates, and WordPress resources. Also, the writers include stories from customers to deliver feedback from real users. 

The freebies (registration form templates, PSD brochures, images, etc.) are exclusively crafted for different business needs.    

So, this was an in-depth look at the MotoPress company that claims to be one of the best experts on WordPress. We’ve covered its general overview, product lineup, and blog. 

The MotoPress team contributes innovative plugins and themes to the WordPress directory. On top of that, they’ve combined their expertise and resources to publish articles on WordPress in their blog. Check out the MotoPress official website to dive into the features of their products and useful content!