The movie, the gentlemen by Guy Richard was released on January 24, 2020. The wild card of this movie is Colin Farrell’s Coach, an Irishman who operates a boxing club and insists he’s not a mobster despite behaving in criminal-like ways. Ray, Mickey’s right-hand guy, is a mild-mannered man who appears to be a desk clerk until you see him in action. Then he’s downright frightening. The title’s “gentlemen” is sarcastically intended.

He’s graying on top and growing a little chubby in the center, but putting kids through their paces at the boxing gym keeps him in shape. Coach is a clownishly ornery man’s man: he’s fanatical in both fashion and perspective, as seen by his Burberry tracksuit that’s a size or two too small and his devout aversion to passing up an instructional chance. Even while he’s standing in line for his food, he’s never too busy for a “training session”: Coach is initially introduced to us when he is assaulted by a band of misbehaving teenagers at a restaurant, first psychologically, then literally, with box cutters. It’s the kind of cafe battle you see in action movies when tables are smashed, bones are broken, and people are killed.

Gentlemen is still a huge amount of fun, and you should watch it if only for Colin Farrell’s Coach, a man drowned in a universe of rules that no one sets down and who follows them more religiously than everyone else in the film. 

This isn’t to suggest that Coach doesn’t share some of the film’s flaws: In one instance, he explains to one of his students that “black cunt” is a descriptive word of love, not a racist epithet, because the pupil is both black and a cunt. It’s a concept that may hold water if applied to other situations. Asians and Asian cultures were not disposable to the Gentlemen. “The fact that I’m black has nothing to do with the fact that I’m a cunt,” the student remarked. The gentlemen have another level of fandom. The movie is rated so high, just because of its plot and unique dressing style.

Colin Farrell get up in the gentlemen

Throughout the movie we can the coach is wearing a unique style tracksuit which is custom made by a designer. His unique dressing style has impressed people all around the globe. The gentlemen’s tracksuit looks so graceful on Colin Farrell. It is an English-style outfit printed on a modern quilted technical fabric. His dressing is based on his profession. We can see his whole group in the Colin Farrell tracksuit in the movie. Most often, we can see Colin Farrell in this coach tracksuit at multiple places. From fighting to teaching his students, he only wears it.

His style is so simple yet elegant, well suits his personality. After his movie, he has become an inspiration for his enormous fans.

Tracksuit description

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