Most Popular Online Casino Games in Asia

Contrary to popular belief, online gambling is popular in Asia. It might not be as huge as it’s in the UK and Europe, but there’s no doubt it’s growing rapidly. Improved legislation laws, mobile support and fast banking are some of the reasons the industry is rising.

Importantly, the industry has a wide variety of entertaining games. Asia is a diverse continent, after all. And different people have varying tastes and dislikes about games.

That said, below are the most popular online casino games in Asia.


Did you know baccarat is the most popular casino card game in the world? That’s right. James Bond’s favorite card game is more famous than blackjack and poker. The reason—Asia.

In Macau, the new gambling capital of the world, Baccarat is the primary moneymaker for casinos. Some establishments generate over 60% of their profits from this game alone.

Thanks to Baccarat’s popularity in brick-and-mortar casinos, it’s also gained traction on the Internet. Many top casinos in Asia offer sweet bonuses for anyone interested in baccarat or its variants.

Interestingly, baccarat is a simple game. It features two hands known as the banker and the player. You predict which two of these hands wins in producing a hand of nine first. If you’re correct, you get paid 1 to 1.


It is incredible just how dominant slots have become in the last two decades. In the ‘90s, slots were popular in North America and Europe. Fast forward to 2022 and these games are available in nearly every Asian casino.

Find the best online casinos Asia if you want to experience a wonderful time. First, you’ll access hundreds of top-RTP slots like Mega Joker, Starburst and 1429 Uncharted seas.

Secondly, you’ll probably earn a bonus after you create an account or register your first deposit. Bonuses mean more money to play exciting slots. Of course, not all slots are great.

In Asia, the best performing slots are those inspired by different cultures on the continent:

  • Koi Princess
  • 100 Pandas
  • Spirits of Zen
  • Hong Bao
  • The Legends of Shangri-la

That said, slots can take after just about anything in the world. Some are based on ancient Egypt. Others take inspiration from politics, sports, TV shows, manga, video games, crime and ancient gods.


The most popular casino games share one thing in common—they are simple to play. Take roulette as an example. You don’t really need guidance to spin the game’s wheel.

Now, spinning the wheel of roulette is the easy part. Predicting the outcome correctly is the most challenging bit. European roulette has 37 numbers ranging from 0-36.

As such, there’s a 1 in 37 chance of getting the correct number correctly. If you’re right, though, you win 35 to 1. With American roulette, you also get paid 35 to 1 but your chances of winning stand at 38 to 1. The game has one extra slot (00), which reduces the odds of winning.

With that in mind, roulette also comes with other variants like mini roulette, French and lightning roulette. These versions of the game add excitement, maximum payouts or reduce the house edge.

4—Sic Bo

In the live casino section, Sic Bo is the second most popular casino game after baccarat. It’s a game of luck particularly famous in China, Hong Kong, Macau and the Philippines.

Being a dice game, the goal is to predict the outcome of three dice. There are several bet types you can play although they have varying odds and payouts.

For example, a big bet means predicting the total number of the three dice will range between 11 and 17. The odds of this happening are 1 to 1. The opposite of this prediction is a small bet, predicting the total number of outcomes will be between 4 and 10.

You can also bet on odd/even or more specific outcomes. For example, you can predict that the number three will appear on all the three dice. The odds of this happening are relatively low, though.


Blackjack is a unique card game popular with high rollers, celebrities and athletes. It’s a great game for people who prefer to play against casinos instead of fellow gamblers.

The rules of blackjack are simple. You receive two cards at the start of the game. Your opponent—a casino’s dealer—also receives two cards but only one of them faces up.

After looking at your cards and the dealer’s up-card, you can make one of these moves:

  • Split cards
  • Double down
  • Take an insurance bet
  • Hit
  • Stand

Players makes moves likely to help them defeat the dealer at producing a hand of 21. As such, you should when to hand, when to hit, split cards and double down.

Also, learn more about different blackjack variants. Like many casino games, there are several variations of blackjack: perfect pairs, blackjack switch, Vegas strip, Spanish 21 and Atlantic City blackjack.


Poker is arguably the most popular game in the Western hemisphere. At one point, it was also the fastest growing casino game online. Despite that, it’s rising in Asian casinos thanks to its liberal rules and high-paying tournaments.

For the uninitiated, poker is one of a few casino games that depends on skills to win. Luck can be handy at times. But it’s not as important as knowing what to do to defeat your opponents in a game.

In the usual style, poker has an array of variants. Each version of the game has unique rules: Pai Gow poker, Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Hi-Lo, 7-Card stud, 5-card draw.

Texas Hold’em is the most popular variant in the world. But in Asia, it trails Pai Gow—a game with Chinese origins.

Your Turn

For a long time, Asian countries had strict online gambling laws. Some countries are taking measures to improve these laws. By doing so, they’re popularizing the industry and encouraging established casinos to accept Asian customers.

Many Asian casino players love to play games with Asian inspirations, whether it’s slots, Sic Bo or baccarat. However, other games dominant in Western countries are also gaining followings in different regions of the continent.