Most loving and eating food in USA

A get together or the zero hour snack, pizza is undoubtedly is the most loving and eating food in USA. Harris Poll revealed the poll results in which almost 2000 individuals recorded their responses relative to the loved food as per their likings. The outcomes revealed eye opening outcomes and shoveling the likings of the Americans.

USA nationals are more into the processed foods because of the busy daily routines and work life schedules. With such diverse population with exclusively different point of views and opinions; at least the USA nationals depicts same taste likings.

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The cooking and the chemistry of the ingredients made the pizza as the most loved food across the nation. Forty percent of the American’s eat pizza on every week while in every second three hundred and fifty slices of pizza are eaten in USA. Every American person has 360 slice of pizza intake and if you count in acres it will make 100 acres daily pizza consumption.

As odd it sounds but the only food the Americans want to eat for their life span is the pizza, yeah “the pizza”. The 21 % of the individuals took part in the survey consider pizza as their favorite food. While 16 percent of them want to eat steak and 11 percent of them considered tacos and pasta as their favorite food. The irrefutable choice of hamburger also lost to 13 percent.

One of the reason of this Italian tasty treat as the nation’s favorite is the presence of four million immigrant of Italy out of the twenty million immigrants, who migrated in USA from 1880 and 1920. The immigrants also brought the fair share of the taste and the pizza making expertise. They expended the flavors by integrating with the locals.

According to the survey conducted by the California Kitchen pizza, the pizza has not won only once. The results depicted that Americans feel less remorseful by taking pizza as the cheat day meal, as the olives, vegetables and other healthy foods are included in the toppings. The survey also demonstrated the 43 % of American people chose of leaving rose wine, while 36 % people chose to relinquish avocados to attain the pizza for rest of the year.

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Pizza has made its way to the heart of most of the Americans. The variety of toppings, versatile tastes and customized calories in takes make them the most loved food across the nation. No matter where you travel, you can find the best pizza, such as best pizza Palm Springs, Pennsylvania, Oregon,… The dating profiles in USA also conducted the pool; where results demonstrated that every third person out of five wants to date with the person who has same likings of the pizza. Following that twenty two percent Americans mentioned that would not date the second time if their date uses fork and knife to eat pizza.


The question here arises either pizza is the answer for the most diversified nation across the globe. You decide either pizza is the most loving and eating food in USA or in your relative country.

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