Most Common Questions Asked In Vinyl Lettering Business

Whenever people are dealing with vinyl letters for the first time, they sure do have a lot of questions. They want to know more about this form of lettering and why these options are gaining such huge popularity among the masses. So, getting some basic questions answered about vinyl lettering can do the job. Go through this entire article and get some basic questions answered to resolve your queries.

  • What is vinyl cut lettering?

It is one self-adhesive and pre-spaced letter, which is cut from premium quality and colored vinyl sheets. Letters will be applied all at once with the help of the application tape layer. The main goal is to hold the lettering in its right position during application. Whenever applied, there will be no transparent region or background existing between these letters. The letters come in handy with an easy installation manual to follow.

  • Can you get a background or sticker with such letters?

No, these letters will be cut individually and not quite printed. So, the application tape layer is used for holding the letters in their said position when the application process is going.

  • Can you apply these letters inside of windows?

If you are looking for vinyl letters to be applied inside the windows, then select the “reverse cut” option while ordering for them online. You can get this option as part of the lettering tool. During this process, the letters will be cut in reverse and will then be easily applied on the inside of the windows for viewing right away from the outside source.

  • How can you remove the vinyl letters when the work is done?

You can easily remove the letter by using a flat edge razor blade. This process is applicable if the sticker is on glass or mirrors. You can further use a blow dryer by getting to its low setting. It helps in warming up the letters, and that will help them to come off pretty easily. Any residue that is left will be removed with a little bit of scrubbing. Make sure to have Windex ready for that. Be sure that vinyl is not reusable. So, once removed, the work is done.

  • What if you don’t like the quote after ordering?

Most of the time, the companies will send you a preview for your approval first before they start working on your vinyl letters. So, it is always advisable to make the necessary changes during that period. After that, there is no turning back. But, if your selected company is not offering you a preview and you did not like the quote, then you can contact them within the first business days, and they will start working on your order. In case you have any queries regarding the fonts or colors, then be sure to email the company your name, address, and the colors that you plan to see on the letters.Experts are more than happy to help you find the right vinyl letters. They can even answer all your questions and just waiting to hear them from your side!