MontanaBlack: This is what we know about the casino streamer’s bitcoin holdings

The notable streamer and video producer MontanaBlack regularly inspires hundreds of thousands of fans with his broadcasts. Accordingly, the financial success came early. As has long been known, MontanaBlack has also created a cryptocurrency portfolio and has played bitcoin casinos . Speaking in 2021, he gave his subscribers an idea of his portfolio. According to him, about half of it consisted of bitcoin at the time. The other half of the portfolio consists of Ethereum, IOTA, Cardano, VeChein and 14% of other cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile, MontanaBlack’s crypto portfolio is likely much smaller.

MontanaBlack: What does his crypto portfolio currently look like?

Meanwhile, little is known about the current portfolio. One thing is certain, however: If MontanaBlack has not made any reallocations or sales compared to the level of just over a year ago, a considerable loss in value will likely have occurred. The value of Bitcoin alone plummeted by almost 60% in the last 12 months. MontanaBlack posted back in May 2021 that he had made the equivalent of €450,000 minus in a single night.

The reasons at the time were Elon Musk’s comments that Tesla would no longer accept payments with Bitcoin and the ban on cryptocurrencies in China. He also warned his fans against investing in cryptocurrencies too recklessly, saying, “Don’t listen to all the wannabe experts. They don’t care if you lose. They are 99% only concerned with their profit.” Accordingly, MontanaBlack’s Bitcoin portfolio might be a little smaller today after all.

Is MontanaBlack now playing in Bitcoin casinos?

However, MontanaBlack does not seem to have completely turned away from Bitcoin & Co. In any case, he can often be seen in streams in which he plays slot machines in online casinos. If you take a close look at the streams, you will find out in which online casinos he plays, namely Platincasino, N1 Casino, Pino casino and Lapalingo. The providers also offer payments and games with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. So, these are Bitcoin casinos, although players can also deposit with conventional currencies. Details about the respective providers are compiled here. In particular, Platincasino and N1 Casino have been rated as the best Bitcoin casinos in the test.

It can also be assumed that MontanaBlack has concluded sponsorship agreements with the providers. At least the partnership with Lapalingo is known. With its streams to the games, which are games of chance, MontanaBlack is less critical of the fact that casinos are known to want to make a profit. Of course, this also applies to the best Bitcoin online casino. Players should therefore only use the money or the number of cryptocurrencies that they are willing to lose in case of doubt or, in other words, that they are willing to spend on entertainment in the Bitcoin casino.

What is offered in the Bitcoin casinos online?

First of all, the best Bitcoin casinos offer a huge selection of games. There are often over 1,000 online slot machines, plus plenty of gaming tables for blackjack, roulette, baccarat, casino poker or craps, as well as a live casino with real dealers.Among the very popular games are also live shows like Monopoly Big Baller, a variation of the classic board game with Wheel of Fortune and Monopoly, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Live Roulette, Boom City or Mega Fire Blaze Roulette or Buffalo Blitz Live. It is important to note that these are independently audited games for their fairness with a very high payout rate, although a small percentage of the stakes remains with Bitcoin Casinos as a house edge.

The providers also have an official license, so that completely legal games can be played and the winnings can be collected tax-free. Players’ deposits and withdrawals are processed via banks in the EU. Withdrawals are also free of charge and are usually made within one to two days. Players also have the option of setting limits for deposits and stakes respectively. (KTAD)