MMJ for Insomnia: Things You Need To Know

Not enough sleep can lead to a shorter life. This is according to research conducted by Penn State College, which states that adults with hypertension or diabetes who sleep fewer than six hours daily have an increased 83% fatality risk. What’s alarming is that 47% of older adults in America suffer from hypertension.

Insomnia is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It can lead to more severe health concerns and even death, despite its seemingly harmless effects. Here’s how we at can help you.

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Causes of Insomnia in Older Adults

There are many reasons why older adults can suffer from insomnia. 

Whether due to pre-existing conditions, sleep disorders or environmental factors, insomnia can significantly impact an individual’s quality of life.

●     Underlying conditions: Many health conditions can contribute to insomnia, such as arthritis, cancer, COPD, heart disease and Parkinson’s disease.

●     Sleep-related breathing disorders: Sleep apnea is a common sleep disorder that affects older adults. This condition occurs when an individual’s breathing is interrupted during sleep, leading to snoring and waking up frequently throughout the night.

●     Environmental cause: A change in environment, such as a new home, can also lead to insomnia. Additionally, noise pollution or light exposure at night can disrupt sleep.

Is Insomnia a Normal Part of Aging?

Outside the factors outlined above, seniors may experience changes in their sleep patterns as they age. It’s not uncommon for older adults to have a more challenging time falling asleep or to wake up multiple times throughout the night.

Experts imply that this is because of an increase in sleep latency. Sleep latency is the amount of time it takes a person to fall asleep. According to studies, a person starts to lose approximately 27 minutes of sleep each decade.

What To Know About Insomnia as You Age

Although aging and insomnia often go together, it’s vital to identify the tell-tale signs of insomnia in seniors. The International Classification of Sleep Disorders outlines the following three symptoms:

●     Difficulty in falling asleep without intervention from a caregiver

●     Repeated waking in the middle of the night

●     Feeling of “resistance” when attempting to sleep

Insomnia would be confirmed if an individual experiences one or more of the symptoms above at least three times a week for a month. A doctor will give a chronic insomnia diagnosis if the symptoms are experienced for at least three months.

Does Marijuana Help You Sleep?

Medical marijuana (MMJ) for insomnia is an effective treatment for the condition’s symptoms. Furthermore, MMJ also helps alleviate conditions causing insomnia, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, chronic pain and anxiety.

Many published studies around cannabis or medical marijuana show that MMJ is an effective treatment for insomnia. Patients prescribed medical marijuana and using the alternative medicine regularly have improved sleep quality.

How Does Marijuana Work as a Sleep Aid for Insomnia?

Marijuana acts as a sedative in the brain. The cannabinoids found in marijuana bind to the endocannabinoid receptors located in the brain. This receptor attachment sends a signal to increase sleep-promoting adenosine, preventing the brain from reaching peak levels, which causes a feeling of deep relaxation.

Which Type of Marijuana Is Best for Insomnia?

There’s a wide variety of cannabis strains and products available on the market. All of them can be classified as either indica or sativa. Some have properties of both, and those are called hybrid strains.

Indica and sativa strains have different effects on the user. Indica cannabis is known to produce feelings of relaxation and sedation. On the other hand, sativa strains are often used during the day to provide users with an energetic high.

Because of this, individuals who are looking for cannabis strains to use as a sleep aid should look for indica-dominant strains.

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