Have you heard of Microsoft Rewards Robux? How does it work?

Roblox fans are currently on their lucky spear; Not only can they get free Robux, they can legitimately take advantage of it!

Roblox has a massive fan base in the United States, and they can only claim these rewards, so if you reside there, today is your lucky day. Here we will inform fans how to collect Robux and when this offer is available.

So if you are curious how and where to take advantage of these Robux, keep reading the article as we will reveal all the details right here.

What is Microsoft Rewards Robux?

Microsoft recently announced that it is rolling out the Roblox rewards system for all Microsoft users. Each user can get 100 Robux and even more, but for this, a new Microsoft account must be created as in the previous account, there will be no option to charge Robux.

This is a free program and anyone can make use of Robux as long as they have a Roblox account. There are also many other activities and ways to earn free Robux.

The option to collect Robux for free in the redemption section from where new users can quickly save their Robux gift cards.

Now let’s find out about the other activities.

More about Microsoft Rewards Robux

The program is only available to Roblox players in the United States; The other activities used to redeem Robux are; Players can earn 5 Robux by searching the Bing search engine.

There are also chances to win an XBOX through the rewards program or even gift cards. Players can also collect gift cards by purchasing anything from the following stores; HULU, Taco Bell, Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts.

How to collect free Robux?

Below, we will mention the exact steps you need to follow to get 100 free Microsoft Rewards Robux Robux.

• Search for Microsoft Rewards in a search engine.

• You will notice a join now; click on that to claim your free Robux.

• You will need to create a new Microsoft account.

• After creating an account, go to the more activities option and click on it.

• Look carefully for the option Claim your Robux and select redeem now and then Redeem reward.

• Here to pick up your free Robux, Microsoft will ask for a verification by phone or email.

• Either way, you will be given a code; enter the code to complete the verification.

• Your free Robux will be credited to your account.


Microsoft Rewards Robux is a legitimate way to collect Robux; Unlike other generators available online, this reward system is directly associated with the official website of the game. Therefore, there is no need to worry about legitimacy.

Follow the steps mentioned above to collect your free Robux. Readers, write down your thoughts on the Microsoft rewards system.