Microsoft Advertising Pros and Cons – It Is Worth Using Bing Ads?

Online advertising has grown rapidly from the last few years that 51% of advertisers believe in PPC advertising. No doubt, Google is considered the ruler of search engines and it might clicks in your mind. But, the fact is that Bing is one of the great alternatives to Google.

So we are going to see the Microsoft Advertising pros and cons that help you to know whether it’s good for the marketing or not.

But before that let me put some light on Bing Ads so that if you are new then you will better understand it.

Bing Ads – Overview

In the last few years, Bing has made great progress on both SEO & SEM type of marketing. Bing has more than 12bn monthly search volumes across the world. Today it has the power of three search engines namely Bing, Yahoo & AOL. That means any ad on Microsoft Advertising will be shown on all three search engine platforms automatically.

Bing Ads is now rebranded as Microsoft advertising in 2019.

Microsoft Advertising Pros and Cons

Below are going to discuss the pros & cons of Bing Ads 2021:

The Pros of Bing Ads

Here are some of top Advantages of Microsoft Bing for the advertisers.

Low Competition

Google is used by millions of users from around the world including competitors. On the other hand, Bing has a limited number of users and there are chances that your competitors are not on that. By advertising on Bing Ads, you can target your potential customers easily.

Less Expensive

With high CTR, lower CPC results in better ROI, Microsoft Advertising is cost-effective. Bing CPC is 33.5% less expensive than Google AdWords and that’s other pros of using Microsoft Advertising to the advertisers.

Campaigns In Various Time Zones

There is no need to create a new campaign to modify timings or variations in the existing one. Bing promptly adjusted a setting for a specific ad group without creating a new campaign to make a change. 

More Device Target Options

Advertisers of Bing can still remove desktop and tablet traffic from the campaign anytime they want to. They can target mobile devices by using and selecting operating systems.

More Control Over Targeting 

Microsoft Advertising provides an advantage to the users to target just Yahoo or Bing. At an ad group level, you can target just partners or both. Furthermore, you can operate a report quickly in Bing to see which search partner is directing traffic to your site exactly by opening the report tab and clicking on the website URL.

Better Control Over Search Demographics.

Most advanced and underused Bing ads have the proficiency to control which gender and age demographics see search ads. Within Bing Ads, demographics targeting can be controlled at the campaign or group level. This helps to promote online business on Bing with more demographics control.

Ignore Spelling Mistakes

Bing allows the option for close variant searches including common misspellings, grammatical mistakes, plurals, etc. At the ad group level or campaign level, advertisers are allowed to opt-in or out of close variant matching. 

Effective Social Extension

Bing began analyzing social extension in the year 2014 by representing the number of Twitter followers an advertiser has next to their ad. Undoubtedly it is best regards to social influence as Google shows their extensions to Google+. However, that platform is usually not so effective. 

Well, these are some of the benefits of Microsoft Bing Ads that we have seen above.

Disadvantages of Bing Ads

Now let’s have a look at the weakness of Bing in 2021.

Less Traffic

Undoubtedly Google is the #1 search engine platform on the internet with more than 5.5 billion searches per day. On the other hand, Bing accounts for 900 million searches per day. This is a downside and maybe your potential customers are not on Bing.

High Volume Keywords Competitive

Other major cons of Microsoft Bing Ads are that the rates are based on the keywords and location. This can be a bit expensive for some of the advertisers who have a limited budget.

Pros and Cons Of Microsoft Advertising – Verdict

Now as you have seen the strength & weakness of Bing Ads you now got to know how good or bad it is. However, there is no such platform that doesn’t have any negative side. Most companies consider Bing Ads as a second thought, but they should consider it earlier.

With so many benefits, Microsoft Advertising is a great platform for promoting the business, services, or products. And this makes it worth the money to advertise on Microsoft Bing Ads.