Mesmerizing Eternity Roses- The Long-Lasting Flower of Love

No other flower in history has a more comprehensive meaning and message than roses. They make one of the most versatile gifts you can give on any occasion- birthdays, anniversaries, get well soon, to express sympathy while proposing, and more. Roses symbolize love, affection, and devotion and are often considered the quintessential flower of love. What makes them even more special is the variety of colors you can find them in. The forever enchanted rose like the Tiffany blue roses are a cornerstone of romance. Roses, indeed, evoke an emotion.

Talking in spiritual terms, roses restore and invite balance and harmony into someone’s life and home. They have a unique ability to remind people about feelings for years, not just days. When it comes to forever roses that have been beautifully preserved and customized into boxes, they come with a stunning array of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Roses In Different Cultures Around The World

Many cultures use roses worldwide as a gift or ornament for various occasions. In Roman mythology, the red rose had a major significance. It was the sacred flower of Venus, the Goddess of love. Red roses are representative of her love for Adonis. The story is about how the Goddess ran with the naked feet and blood-shedding off, turning white roses into red ones. Even today, if we talk of romanticism, the Rose of Lovers is still the most unmistakable and unmatchable expression. Roses, especially red ones,  help communicate our deep and passionate love for someone special. More precisely, they represent the intention to seal an everlasting union.

This is why red roses are used for proposals and are given on Valentine’s Day to confess love for your beloved. Thus, roses are even symbolic of marriage and are often interpreted as a sign of love and fidelity. Roses are the perfect anniversary gift because of their in-depth connection to weddings.

Eternal Roses Carry Secrets

You might not be aware of the fact, but it’s true that roses also convey deeper secrets. There is a famous Latin phrase, “sub rosa,” which means under the rose. This comes from Ancient Romans hanging roses above meeting tables. Back then,  Romans used to believe that everyone under the roses was sworn to secrecy. Since then, roses have become a symbolic carrier of tacit understanding or secrets.

Now how about gifting someone you love, someone near and dear to you,  some secret personalized rose boxes? Pick out from any of the wide range of forever rose colors like the popular and one of the best sellers- magnificent roses blue. In addition, you can find wooden rose boxes in a multitude of shapes like square, round, diamond hearts, trunks, and more. Likewise, you can also find roses forever in several colors of suede. So, create the perfect forever enchanted rose selections for any upcoming dream event and occasion.

The Esoteric Balance

Being the queen of flowers for the wide variety available and ever increasing popularity, the rose’s meanings changed throughout the centuries. You certainly won’t be surprised by the fact that these flowers came to play a significant role even in Tarot card readings. In fact, roses symbolize harmony and balance from a mystical perspective. Also, forever roses stored in a wooden box make a  perfect décor to express this mysticism. To enhance the visual appeal of any dull place and add some balance to any space these gorgeous flowers will work wonders.

The Meaning of The Number Of Roses

The number of roses that are there in any collection – box or bouquet makes an important distinction to their meaning. For instance, if you give a  single eternal rose to some, then it will express your love at first sight. It is depictive of the fact that whoever receives this luxurious gift feels loved and special. This means that they have a special place in your life. Giving two roses shows your affection and the promise of a life together. Likewise, adding four roses declare that nothing will interfere with the couple’s strong bond. Not only that, nine roses in a bouquet or a box represent the desire to remain forever linked to one’s partner. The classic dozen red roses embody a clear statement of true and eternal love that is simply unmatchable. Irrespective of the number of roses, you can personalize your selection with a wide variety of Forever roses.

Eternal Roses for a Better World for All

If you wish to surprise your family and friends, then these forever enchanted rose bouquets are the best way to surprise them. A unique, everlasting gift like forever roses remains fresh up to a year and even longer if looked after properly. They are curated with a  special preservation technique that ensures easy maintenance while making these flowers highly sustainable.