Men’s Underwear that Goes Well With Every Occasion

Men’s underwear choices are not limited only to boxers and briefs. There are plenty of options suiting different occasions. Picking the right one is essential because your underwear can affect your confidence. Choosing the wrong one might make you uncomfortable in a meeting, sporting event, or date.

In this detailed article, we have covered every type of underwear you can find in the market and the different materials they are made of. Looking to buy a new pair of underwear? Go visit for the best quality materials with exciting deals. 

  • Boxer:

Boxers are loose-fit, comfortable, and roomy underwear that resembles a short appearance. They are great for everyday activity in and around the house. As they have an elastic waistband with straight legs, they are comfortable to keep on for a more extended period. Mens Underwear Some boxers come with a button too. One minor problem with boxers is that they are not suitable for tight jeans or skin-cut pants. 

  • Boxer Brief:

Boxer briefs are the perfect mid-way between skin-cut briefs and loose boxers. They allow enough air passage and, at the same time, are tight enough for physical activities like sports and gym. Boxer briefs offer a lengthy coverage within a manageable length. This means you can wear it with your tight pair of jeans as well as with denim. Their relaxed fit makes it comfortable enough for long hours in the office. 

  • ·Trunk:

Trunks are one of the most popular and preferable men’s underwear types. One reason is its utility; it can fit with casual wear as well as sports wears.

Although Calvin Klein first introduced this square-cut, short leg underwear, their increasing popularity has compelled most other brands to adopt it as well. These underwears cover the pelvic region and stop before mid-thigh. 

  • · Brief:

There isn’t any man who doesn’t wear a brief. No matter which type of underwear one prefers, at least a pair of briefs can be found in everyone’s wardrobe. 

Briefs come in a large variety of designs, rises (low, medium, and high-rise cuts), and materials. They are a snug fit covering the entire pelvic region. However, they leave the upper-thigh open. These Y-shaped underwears are perfect for sports and heavy physical activity. 

  • Boxer Shorts:

Do you like watching classic Hollywood movies? Then, you must have seen men thronging to those sunny beaches wearing shorts. Well, those were the early boxer shorts, immensely popular throughout the 1930s. 

Boxer shorts have a balloon seat, an area with extra fabric that makes them roomy. It also accommodates the buttocks when you bend forward. This makes for suitable summer wear and can be used as a night-dress too. But it is best advised to avoid them when you are wearing trousers or jeans. 


Now that you know what types of underwear are perfect for which occasion, let’s look at another aspect- the material. The underwear comes in different fabrics- cotton, linen, blends, silk, etc.

  • Cotton is soft, moisture absorbent, and allows air passage. These make it a perfect choice for sportsmen. One minor setback is cotton underwear can shrink after repeated use.
  • To reduce the shrinking most brands now mix cotton with other materials. These blends retain the softness of cotton and enhance the longevity of the product. They are both a perfect tennis court and office desk both.
  • Modal, although a newcomer in the market, is quickly becoming the most comfortable material. They are soft, like cotton, with the shrink-resistant qualities of the blends. Apparel brands are now bringing in more and more modal underwear in the market, considering their increasing demands. 
  • Synthetics are an absolute crop of the top when it comes to picking gym clothing. They are stretchy, odor-repelling, and moisture-absorbing. Synthetic drawers should definitely be your pick if you are a fitness freak and like to hit the gym regularly.

Summing up…

Underwears are the most neglected part of men’s fashion. However, the wrong underwear for the wrong occasion can harm more than one way. So, instead of picking the cheap ones, look for the material and quality of fabric before purchasing. We hope that our Brief but detailed points will help you choose the right one for the proper purpose.