Men’s Brief’s Guide- How to choose the right size without sacrificing comfort

The most used yet least talked about clothing is innerwear. No matter whether it’s males, females or others. People feel so ashamed while talking about such important things. We live in 21 century, yet there is so much embarrassment while talking about it. We all know that inner wear is essential for us. We cannot work without them. From past generations people feel embarrassment in talking about inner wear. But it has to stop. So, let’s make it normal. Talking about inner wears, shopping inner wears etc. Because if today we don’t make this change, then the future generations also have to face all this embarrassment and hesitation

And they shouldn’t feel this way about such crucial clothing. In this article we will discuss everything about Men’s Briefs. 

As it is said , good underwear can be proven as a game changer as if you aren’t comfortable within, then you will not be able to perform well. People’s point of view about men’s underwear has been changing from the past few years. The  big brands helped in changing all of it. Those days are gone, when ‘one size and one type fits all’ used to be the trend. Then, people were fine wearing the same, old briefs and trunks all the time. Nowadays, people go for new, stylish, bright and hot innerwear. As inner wear now reflects a person’s personality. It plays a major role in setting your standards too. 


When it comes to clothing and especially innerwear clothing, the most concerning thing is fabric. The fabric of your inner wear should suit you. It shouldn’t create redness or itchiness to your skin. Your intimate area is very delicate and needs to be handled with care. 

One of the best fabrics and the oldest one is cotton. Cotton is a soft, breathable fabric and is affordable. Nevertheless, from the past few years Men are opting for different fabrics such as tencel, modal , bamboo, combed cotton etc. These fabrics are more breathable, softer and comfortable than cotton. They are said to be more moisture resistant, preventing redness and itchiness. They are diverse in nature and are suited for all kinds of colmate. 

One should try these new fabrics for sure as they are more comfortable and ideal. And moreover they are available in different designs and colours. There is no need to stick to your old , boring briefs , when you can be all stylish. 

Types of briefs

Nowadays, markets are flooded with a variety of briefs. For every different clothing you can have a different type of brief. Some of them are listed below:

1.Boxers briefsĀ 

Boxers are similar to traditional biker’s pants but they are short in length. They are usually of thigh length. They are the best combination of briefs and boxers. This is just slightly shorter than the regular boxers. They fit like a brief  only,but have a front fly design.  They are versatile and can be worn by all men regardless of their work. It fits them closer to skin than a boxer. 


It is the little brother of boxer briefs. It is all the same as boxer briefs but with shorter length. They are more comfortable for swimmers. 

3. Brief 

It is a classic style of men’s underwear. It starts from the waist and touches the top of their thigh. It covers the body properly. Its sides are narrow but wider than a bikini. 

         4.Long underwear 

It is an underwear that covers the whole legs. It fits from the waist to the ankle. It’s popularly worn in cold places. It gives extra warmth and comfort during winters. It can easily be worn under pants , jeans etc.

          5. Mesh underwear 

It’s made up of light weight material to provide more breathability. It is often worn by men in hot climates or sportsmen. Its material can take the moisture (sweat) away from the body and allows it to evaporate. This type of underwear has holes on the corners so that air can pass properly. 

Best briefs for men

Everyone is super busy and often forgets their personal health. They forget the importance of wearing good quality inner wear. It is essential to wear underwear of good quality. But the problem arises when there is no time to search for the best quality briefs. Don’t worry! You can count on us.

 We have shortlisted top 10 brands to buy your briefs from. All of them are of high quality, gives hundred percent comfort and gives the perfect fit and available for all sizes. 

  1. Gildan Platinum Men’s Briefs 
  2. Emporio Armani Men’s Briefs 
  3. Hanes Men’s Briefs
  4. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Briefs
  5. Calvin Klein Men’s Steel Micro Hip Briefs
  6. C-IN2 Men’s Super Bright Low Rise Briefs
  7. Jockey Men’s Briefs
  8. Van Heusen Men’s Briefs
  9. Fcuk Men’s Briefs
  10. Bodycare Men’s Brief’s 

How to shop briefs online? 

One of the biggest problems is how to buy underwear online. What if the quality doesn’t come upto the mark? What if it doesn’t fit right?  How to get your size? These are the most asked questions. Here are a few tips for you all to keep in mind before online buying your undies. 

  1. Always keep your body type in your mind. 
  2. If you have a problem in knowing your size, always look at the size card. 
  3. Double check your size before buying it.
  4. Select the colour wisely
  5. Before placing your order check the reviews.
  6. In case it doesn’t fit you the way you want, immediately post for return.