Memorial Trees – What To Consider When Choosing a Memorial Tree

A beautiful way of honouring the memories of our loved ones is to immortalise them by planting a tree with their ashes scientifically infused into the roots. Memorial trees can be grown for family members, pets, and even friends. These beautiful trees represent the circle of life and give us a tangible place to grieve and remember our loved ones.

What are Memorial Trees?

Trees planted in the memory of someone who has passed away are called memorial trees. After cremation, the ashes are treated scientifically to produce living molecules placed beneath the roots of a memorial tree.

Memorial trees are a sustainable and eco-friendly way to memorialise our loved ones. These trees are planted and grown in memorial gardens protected by law against wood logging and commercial development.

Memorial trees are living, tangible reminders of our loved ones that can be a place of peace and solace for you. Besides that, the tree will be there for years so that the children can repeatedly visit it and remember the one that has passed away. Trees are not only a symbol of life but a critical part of our environment as well.

How to Choose a Memorial Tree?

Planting Position:

The tree’s location will grow plays a significant role in the selection process. Ensure that the part of the park you have chosen is ideal for growing the type of tree you want to plant. For example, if the area you chose is shaded by other trees nearby, choose a tree type that does not need much sunlight to grow.

Avoid Cheaper Options:

If you buy a memorial tree for your loved one, then do not go for a cheap option. Buying trees at a lower price means it will take years for the plant to thrive and grow properly. You do not have to splurge on a memorial tree but buy one of good quality.

Symbolic Meaning of the Tree:

When considering a memorial tree for your loved one, try to find the symbolic meaning behind the options presented to you. Different trees and plants carry different meanings, and some might have a deeper connection to your loved one.

For example, cherry trees symbolise love, happiness, mindfulness, and romance. Oak trees stand for resilience, courage, and power. They are also deemed to be very spiritual. Birch trees, on the other hand, symbolise new beginnings and hope and Maple trees represent generosity, intelligence, and balance.

If your loved one has expressed their wish to be a tree after death, get them a plant that symbolises their personality. It will honour and immortalise their memory most beautifully and nobly possible.

The Aftercare Routine:

When you are choosing a memorial tree, it is essential to take into account the aftercare routine. The first few years are the most critical period to ensure that the tree thrives and has a great start in life. If you are taking the service of a reputed memorial garden, the aftercare routine would be their responsibility.

However, if you plan on doing it by yourself, make sure you can invest the time, money, and energy to care for the memorial tree. You will need to water the plant, prune it, stake it and ensure that no weeds are growing in the nooks and corners that can affect the growth. Apart from this maintenance routine, also focus on the roots to ensure they can easily access nutrients and water without affecting the other plants and trees.

Take Help:

If you are still unsure about which tree to choose, take the help of an established memorial garden. You will just have to pay, and the management will take care of the plantation and aftercare of the tree and infuse it scientifically with the ashes of your loved one. Planting a memorial tree for someone is a huge responsibility to mess up. So, taking help from experts would be the best course of action.

Popular Memorial Trees to Choose From in Australia

Here are some of the most popular tree types that are often chosen as memorial trees:

  • Flowering Crab Apple:
  • Cherry Blossom
  • Tulip Magnolia
  • Ornamental Pear
  • Crepe Myrtle
  • Jacaranda
  • Flame Tree
  • Flowering Gum
  • Ginkgo
  • Sweet Gum
  • English Oak
  • Japanese Maple
  • Magnolia
  • Yellow Gum
  • Queensland Kauri

The perfect memory tree is a peaceful place to sit and feel closer to your loved one who has passed. If you are unsure about how to pick a memorial tree, let’s hope this article helps you as much as possible.