It sounds great to hear that you can earn money just by doing predictions or playing games or on your own, but as easy as it sounds, yet it is not such an easy task. Betting is a word that is becoming more and more prevalent with the passage of time. In the last few years, the circulation inside countries like India has been very loud, there are some online platforms where you can go and bet easily and in that one of the  platforms is Melbet. The focus of this entire content today is that we fully understand the method of Melbet Registration


Let’s go to the official site, you will get the option of login and sign up. As soon as you go to the official site, you will get the option of registration as soon as you click on the icon with the free dot. You get a total of three options to register here.

  • In one click
  • By phone
  • Full

Out of these three, I will prefer the second number option “by phone”, because if you forget your password for any reason, then in any other option you will not be able to reset it. If you register your account with a phone number, then you can very easily Will be able to reset the password with the help of OTP.

When you enter your mobile number, then you have to suck your currency, currency means that in which country you are playing or in which format you want money, such as dollars and euros, etc., you can do according to your country. Choose because you will be easier to withdraw later.

After this, you will have the option to enter promo code, then you can avail the bonus by using all your promo code, then you have to pick up the confirmation box and you have to do OK, after that you will get the OTP which you can enter and verify the phone number to take.

As soon as you have verified your phone number, you will have a user ID and password. Do not forget to take a screenshot of this user ID and password, because you will need it when you go to log in.

Now you will have a login option in front of which you have to enter the same user ID and password that you got earlier, after that you click on Next and you will be logged into your account.

Download app process of Melbet

Melbet is not available on Google Play Store, so you have to download its APK which is easily available on the official website of Melbet. If you are an Android user, click on the Download for Android option, but if you are an iOS user, then click on the button for Download for iOS, after which the download process will start as soon as the file is downloaded. Go to and click on the download option, you will find this file there, just click on it and install it. Afterwards, follow the above registration guide.


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