Medical Gauze: Everything You Need to Know

If you are in the medical field or you are the first aid person in a company or organisation then you must have heard about gauze or used one before. Many people use this medical product without fully understanding what it is, the different ways it could be used and if it has other uses aside from the medical field. If you are curious about this product and you’d like to find out about it to help you better use the product then you are in the right webspace. In this blog post, I’ll be telling you everything you need to know about Medical gauze.

What is a Gauze?

Gauze pronounced as “gawz” is a translucent thin fabric that has a loose open weave. To explain what a gauze is, in detail, you can say that it’s a weave structure where the weft yarns are arranged in pairs and are made to cross before and after each warp yarn in order to firmly place the weft in its position.

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Types of Gauze

There are two main types of gauze namely: woven gauze and non-woven gauze. We’ll be looking at these types of gauze in detail shortly. 

Woven Gauze

Woven gauze is loosely woven and is usually made from cotton fibres. Woven gauze allows the wicking or absorption of exudate as well as other fluids.

Asides from cotton, gauze can be woven using fine or coarse mesh. In the case where coarse gauze is used, it finds use in medical debridement and the fine mesh is better suited for packing wounds. When woven gauze are used on injuries, especially cuts, they leave a lint.

Non-woven Gauze

As the name implies non-woven, the material (fibre) used in making this gauze product is not woven rather they are pressed together. The pressing action makes it better at wicking and absorbing when compared to its woven counterpart.

Non-woven gauze is usually made from synthetic fibres like polyester, rayon, and sometimes a blend that contains cotton. Non-woven gauze is softer, stronger, and bulkier than its woven counterpart. Added to that, when used on injuries, they produce less lint.

What is a Medical Gauze used for?

Gauze is largely being used in the medical field. When the gauze is used in the medical field, they are referred to as medical gauze. Medical gauze is used for medical dressing. 

When medical gauze is used for dressing wounds, it’s better to use woven gauze because they are usually made from cotton as other materials may tend to stick to the laceration or burn. Telfa or a polyblend is used to cover many modern medical gauzes. It is done to prevent direct contact which in turn further reduces wound adhesion. Also to promote or fasten the healing process, it can be impregnated with a thick, creamy mixture of calamine and zinc oxide.

Asides from its use in medical dressing, medical gauzes are also used in procedures involving accidental tooth loss. In such a case, the gauze can either be used to wrap the tooth before it’s placed in saline or milk to keep it alive while the tooth is being prepared for reinsertion or transported. It can also be used to provide pressure when the tooth is being moved back to its socket.

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