Mavis Wanczyk Text Scam {August} Read The Whole Details!

In August 2017, 53-year-old medical caretaker Mavis Wanczyk beat unimaginable chances (around 1 out of 292 million) to turn into the sole champ of a $758.7 US Powerball big stake. After she opened up to the world, Mavis Wanczyk tricks containing various records and messages began springing up very quickly. In this article, we’ll reveal to you about these tricks, which proceed to circle, and how you can secure yourself—and your cash—from succumbing


Mavis Wanczyk lived in Chicopee in Hampden County, Massachusetts, and was working at a clinical focus in tolerant consideration when she won the US Powerball big stake. Wanczyk, a mother of two grown-up kids, brought home $336,350,655 after charges.

In spite of what con artists would have you accept, Wanczyk had not many plans after her large success, and none that elaborate parting with her prize cash. At a public interview uncovering her success, she revealed that she quickly quit her place of employment and wanted to “take it easy” and partake in her retirement.


When Mavis approached to guarantee her prize, it didn’t take long for tricksters to exploit. Inside seven days of her success, fraudsters started conveying messages professing to come from Mavis and Deborah B. Goldberg, the Massachusetts State Treasurer and Receiver General.

The messages guarantee that Wanczyk should part with 10% of the $758.7 million big stake, expressing that the email beneficiary would get a $758,700 “gift” alongside 99 other fortunate individuals. The email doesn’t clarify why Wanczyk would need to part with any of her prize cash yet gives a phony Gmail account that beneficiaries can use to contact Wanczyk.

Financier Goldberg likewise tended to the email trick, cautioning occupants to be careful. By cautioning people in general, she wanted to guarantee that inhabitants would abstain from being exploited by succumbing to the trick.

In the same way as other phishing tricks, the place of the phony email is to draw beneficiaries into surrendering individual data, including banking data. As Officer Wilk put it in another Facebook proclamation in regards to the trick accounts, individuals who draw in with the con artists generally wind up losing cash as opposed to acquiring any.


Email wasn’t the lone stage individuals used to spread their Mavis Wanczyk trick, as many Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts claiming to be Wanczyk were additionally made. The reason for these records is to persuade clueless clients to disclose individual data in return for a guaranteed cut of the rewards. Be that as it may, the trick accounts have no aim of parting with any money and may utilize the individual data to take cash all things considered.

The phony records turned out to be such an issue that the Chicopee Police Department delivered an explanation cautioning occupants of the danger. Official Michael Wilk distributed a Facebook post telling clients that different records across online media stages were utilizing Wanczyk’s name to message individuals and guarantee them they would get cash in the event that they answered. He exhorted individuals not to give out any close to home data to these trick accounts.

Official Wilk finished up his assertion by urging individuals to report the records as phony at whatever point they ran over them.

The most effective method to PROTECT YOURSELF FROM SCAMS

The most ideal approach to shield yourself from succumbing to lotto tricks is basically to disregard them. In the event that you get a message through online media or an email, don’t draw in with the sender. Lottery champs are not scanning the Internet for aliens to give their prize cash to, so don’t succumb to that story.

To keep these tricks from acquiring foothold and discovering casualties, report them to either the online media stage you see them on or to the administering body responsible for tricks and fakes. In the U.S., you can report normal tricks and misrepresentation to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). On the off chance that you live in another country, it very well may be a smart thought to see if a comparable association exists or call your nearby police office for counsel on the off chance that you as often as possible have con artists reaching you.

In the event that you at any point get yourself the fortunate victor of a bonanza, there are likewise approaches to keep your character from being utilized for comparable tricks.

To begin with, it is ideal to trust that the media furor will subside prior to venturing forward to guarantee your prize. Thusly, you will draw in less consideration. Second, figure out how to set up a lottery believe that will permit you to keep up with namelessness when you accept your rewards. You can secure your character all together by staying unknown.


While winning the lottery is an unbelievable encounter, there are a many individuals who might utilize others’ favorable luck for their potential benefit. Keep away from these tricks by disregarding messages that appear unrealistic—in light of the fact that they are.