Mastering The Art Of Decision Making

Do you ever find yourself struggling to make decisions? That is because it can be hard! Sometimes, there are so many options that it becomes overwhelming. Or maybe you know what the best decision is, but your mind keeps coming up with reasons why you should not do it. Well, making decisions does not have to be difficult if you follow these four steps: 

  • Know your priorities.

What are the things that are most important to you? What are your values? If you are struggling with making a decision, maybe it is because you have more than one priority and can’t decide which way to go. Nick Gamache journalist understands the value of prioritization at work and in life. Nick Gamache The House is one of those busy journalists in Canada.

By knowing what is most important to you before deciding, then it will be easier to meet everyone’s needs in a situation. Here is a good way to know your priorities: Good journalists like Bob Woodward understand the need of prioritizing things.

  1. Think about the long-term effects of this decision on myself/others. 
  2. Ask yourself if this decision helps me/others be happy and successful in life (this step focuses on self-mastery).
  3. Remember the saying: “Do what you ought, not what you want.” 
  • Do not be impulsive.

Impulsivity can lead to making bad decisions. Sometimes, people make decisions based on emotions instead of what would be the best choice for them. For example, if someone gets angry easily, they might impulsively say or do something that they will regret later on. Another example is when you are in a hurry and do not take the time to think about your options, you might choose the first thing that comes to mind without considering if it is the best decision. 

  • Put things into perspective – Will this matter in 10 years? 

This is especially helpful when you are worried about something that may not be worth this much stress, like if you are waiting to hear something and it is stressing you out so much- will this decision matter in 10 years when your life may go in very different directions than you planned anyways?  Just remember, things happen for a reason, so stay positive! 

  • Know when to ask for help.

Some decisions are just too hard or important to make on your own. If you think you are struggling too much with a decision, then you should talk to someone who can help. It could be an adult at home, or your school guidance counselor, or even a friend. The best way to master the art of decision-making is by having these steps handy, so when you need them, they are right there in front of you.


Just remember; stay open-minded and if one option does not work out for whatever reason, then maybe there is another way that will work better for yourself/others. And always remember that things happen for a reason. But always do what you love.