Massage Therapy + Mental Health: Taking Charge of Your Well-Being

Human touch has incredible benefits to a person’s health and well-being. It pumps up oxytocin in our system, a hormone responsible for fostering a sense of trust, belonging, stability, and improved sociability. People, especially children, need some form of human touch to experience emotional and physical wellness.

One form of human touch that provides a myriad of benefits is massage. A study conducted by the Mayo clinic revealed that massage is not only good for the body, but also for the mind as it helps reduce mental illness. Specifically, massage can minimize common mental health symptoms including fatigue, headaches, muscle pains, and sleep disorders.

Massage also combats the effects of stress. Massage increases blood circulation, which in turn stimulates the release of dopamine. This hormone influences our mood, sleep patterns, concentration, and learning. A deficiency in dopamine can lead to medical conditions like depression. Get to know more about the benefits of massage from expert advice such as ellen wolf köln.

Learn more about the link of getting massage therapy or physio in North York and improving your mental health. Here are the benefits of massage on your well-being:

1. Eases the mind

Among the major contributors of anxiety, stress, and fatigue is a troubled mind. Getting a swedish massage is a great way to calm your mind and clear up mental cobwebs. It also helps enhance mental alertness. A facial massage therapy can stimulate the body’s sympathetic nervous system and enhance the mood. In addition, regular massages lessen stress and anxiety levels, easing up pent-up emotions and other internal factors that lead to mental illnesses.

2. Reduces headaches and stress levels

Feeling weak due to tension, headache and stress? A head, neck, and shoulder massage does wonders in healing the body from such woes. In this therapy, the pressure applied on these areas relieves pressure buildup so you can feel relaxed. Massage also decreases cortisol levels in the body. Increased amounts of this hormone can lead to anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, and mental disorders. You can call mental health therapists in Windsor if you experience any signs of mental health issues.

3. Better sleep

Many people with mental disorders may turn to alcohol to get a better sleep. While alcohol can help you catch some winks, it doesn’t give you the relaxed mind and body you deserve. A good round of massage calms your mind and body, improves your blood circulation, lowers your heart rate, and alleviates tension so you can gain a peaceful sleep.

Also, the essential oils that a massage therapist uses (e.g. lavender, peppermint, and frankincense) contain natural properties that help induce a relaxing feeling, causing you to fall asleep.

4. Enhanced immune system

Another healing benefit of massage is that it reduces cytokines levels. Cytokines are molecules that trigger inflammation. And high inflammation is one of the causes of depression and other diseases.

Massage doesn’t only make you feel good, it also strengthens your immune system so your body can fight off colds and flu. The body needs at least a massage session that lasts for 45 minutes every week to keep depression and colds at bay.

5. Heightened body awareness

When getting a massage, the good and relaxing sensation you experience, the invigorating aroma released by essential oils, and the touch of human hands increases your awareness. It also heightens your ability to listen to your own body and pay attention to the sensations it produces. When you harness these abilities, you also develop a positive understanding of your body’s responses to stimuli that cause you to get stressed, anxious, or depressed.

Some people who may have a disordered relationship with their bodies due to trauma also find massage therapy to be a restorative practice that helps them recreate a healthy relationship with themselves.

The next time you feel stressed out or that your mental health condition is keeping you from being productive, feel free to pause and take a deep breath. Get a professional’s help. Extend some compassion to yourself and take charge of your well-being by getting massage therapy in Whitby.