Marvin Nathaniel Smith JR explains how to deal with errors on your credit report

You have to initially start by identifying errors on your credit report. Once you have identified those errors, you can easily find yourself trying to solve the issue easily. Dispute the information with the credit reporting company for example with Equifax, transunion and Experian. You can write to them and tell them what the issue is, why the issue has occurred, when the issue has occurred etc. You can also give copy of any document that will be in support of the dispute.

Do you have to visit for the dispute to be resolved?

Well, good news to you would be that everything can be done online and you will not have an issue due to this, at this time of the pandemic when you would not have to physically visit the place.

Which errors can be disputed?

There are many errors that can be disputed. Let us say for example let us start with your personal information, and moving on it could be a mix up with another customer, a missed payment mentioned which in fact you did not miss and it has been put up there as a clear error, an account that is put in your name as a matter of theft of your identity etc. There may also be a closed account still in your name, that can prove to be problematic for you.

How much do you have to wait for a response to deal with errors on your credit report?

You can deal with a much better way if it is done timely and you are not looking to apply for a loan urgently. Because first you have to fix the errors. It can take about 45 days for you to get a response. It can even take 30 days, the agency will have to agree or disagree as to whether even if it is an error after all, however if the agency does not agree in the first place then nothing will be getting resolved.

Is it easy to find errors?

A third of people can easily find errors on their reports this is due to the fact that these errors are in fact easy to find, and not problematic at all to spot if you are looking closely and not being laidback about it.

You can also ask other people to have a look professionally, so they can tell you if they spot any kind of error. Right now is the time to build your credit because during the pandemic times are tough and it is always helpful to have a good report in case one needs some sort of a loan at such a time.

There will always be a good option to rebuild your credit ad also remove negative items. Sometimes negative items can also be errors when they are no longer supposed to be there, yet they are not removed.

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