Market Study On Diamond Core Drilling In Construction

Diamond core drilling is regarded as a fastening power tool that uses a rotary diamond drill affixed to a machine. The overall process aids in the formation of accurate holes in the wall. These days, this particular process of diamond drilling is gaining a lot of traction in the construction sector due to the significant number of benefits it offers.

As diamonds are the hardest-known cutting material in the globe, diamond drill bits are mainly used to form openings in a diverse range of materials. It includes dry concrete, wet concrete along with different materials. has conducted a global market study on diamond core drilling in construction. This study report mainly focuses on the sales of new diamond core drilling equipment for the construction sector.

For the duration of the forecast period of 2019-2029, a CAGR of ~8% is recorded. The global market is projected to reach a value of ~US$ 990 Mn by the end of 2029. We will provide detailed insights about this study in the forthcoming section. So, keep on reading this blog post to clear all your concerning doubts:

Gains Underpinned By Major Advances In Construction Activities

All over the world, growth in the population is implicitly shaping the construction sector. Swift renovations and repair of prevailing structures tend to play a promising role in the growth of this overall global market.

Today, diamond core drilling is massively used in different construction activities. This process is utilised to form holes in the walls, floors, etc., solving many challenges. Not only that, but you would be able to ensure structural stability and save on labour costs by utilising this process.

Again, the diamond core drilling tools (100 mm dia – 250 mm dia) are used to construct multi-story buildings. Only this diameter range is preferred, especially among the end-users, as it helps to drill precise holes on wet and dry concrete.

Diamond Core Drilling Has Presently Turn Out To Be A Preferred Option Over Traditional Equipment

By using diamond core drilling tools in the construction sector, you would reap many attractive benefits over conventional tools like drilling tools, hammer drills, chisels, etc. This traditional equipment generally requires more time to make a single hole in the wall. Not only that but a large number of workforces is needed for its operation.

On the other hand, diamond drilling equipment can drill several holes quickly. Again, unlike the traditional tools, it does not hamper the appeal of the roof or walls. These tools can even drill at any angle with the same efficiency you can expect from horizontal drilling. Due to all these reasons, it has become a most sought-after option these days.

Market Research Methodology

Persistence market research has again effectively combined an assorted mix of analytics, experience, data science and machine learning for developing research methodologies. It again results in a realistic and multi-dimensional analysis of a market.

Prospects Abound In East Asia And Europe

The value of the global construction sector was estimated to reach about US$ 10 trillion by 2020. And the exciting fact is that Europe and East Asia hold a significant share. Also, the worldwide construction spending is projected at US$ 9 trillion, and among these, North America is likely to account for 15 per cent of the share.

So, both the significant growth in the residential sector and the continuing infrastructure investments aid in creating a lot of business prospects in this industry, especially in the construction landscape.

By 2029, the South Asian market for diamond drilling in construction is anticipated to grow ~8% annually. It is mainly due to the growing number of trade associations with foreign countries. For example, India signed the “Ashgabat Agreement” in 2018 to ease exporting products to North America and Europe.

The growth opportunity of diamond drilling in construction is likely to increase in Africa and the Middle East due to a boost in investments, especially in infrastructural development.

Market Structure Analysis

With an inadequate number of players, the global market for diamond drilling in construction shows a decent level of consolidation. Prominent players are constantly aiming to launch new products. Also, they are focusing on expanding their business through M&A activities and collaborations. It not only helps them to maintain supremacy in the market but also helps them to attain a solid global footprint.

It also paves the way for business development. For example, Hilti Corporation had a strategic partnership with Fieldwire in 2018 (Feb) to drive productivity on construction sites and leverage hardware and digital technology. Key stakeholders are also considering investing large amounts of money in developing countries to create their brand image.

Robert Bosch GmbH invested more than US$ 112.3 Mn in 2018 in an Indian manufacturing unit along with other locations in the Asia Pacific, especially for developing the business of mobile solutions and security & safety services.

Viewpoint Of The Analyst

Nations like India, Indonesia, the U.S. and China are much more likely to provide better opportunities for stakeholders who are operating in the global market for diamond drilling in construction. The pricing pressure has been forcing manufacturers to decrease their products’ pricing, sustaining sales and targeting a substantial section of end-users.

Main Segments Of The Global Diamond Drilling In The Construction Sector

The study conducted by PMR on the global diamond core drilling in the construction sector is divided into three segments in terms of region, drilling technique and operation. This particular report tends to provide detailed information and data regarding the key growth parameters and market dynamics related to these categories:

  • By Region: Middle East & Africa, Oceania, East Asia, South Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America and Emerging Countries.
  • Drilling Technique: Underwater Diamond Drilling and Stitch Drilling.
  • Operation: Rig Operated and Hand Held

Concluding Lines

Hopefully, this market study report on diamond core drilling in construction has provided you with detailed insights. But, if you are looking forward to learning more, you only need to ask an experienced diamond drilling Kent company like CA Drillers. Along with providing you with the best assistance, they will also answer your queries and concerns.