Mao-002 Error Codes {August} Complete Information Here!

The MAO-002 Encounter Data Processing Status Report gives data on the manner status (by the same token

acknowledged or dismissed) and blunder codes for all records and lines for each document that effectively passes all phases of

front-end handling and is passed to the Encounter Data Processing System (EDPS), additionally got back to the end.

The ‘000’ line on the MAO-002 report recognizes the header level and demonstrates by the same token “acknowledged” or “dismissed”

status. In the event that the ‘000’ header line is dismissed, the experience is considered dismissed and MAOs and different elements

should address and resubmit the experience. On the off chance that the ‘000’ header line is “acknowledged” and no less than one (1) other line

(i.e., 001, 002, 003, 004) is acknowledged, then, at that point the general experience is acknowledged. In the event that every one of the lines inside the record

are dismissed, the “000” header line is dismissed without blunder code and depiction.

Lines with a status of “reject” are went with blunder codes and depictions. Lines with a status of

“acknowledge” yet containing a mistake code and a message in the Error Description segment have set off

instructive alters. MAOs and different elements are not needed to make a further move on educational alters;

nonetheless, they are urged to audit these entries.

The MAO-002 is conveyed to submitters in a fixed-length design and dispersed two different ways: